DIY row of houses using removable wallpaper

Guys, I am telling you: there is nothing like putting a pregnant woman in her new home. She’ll go into crazy mode nesting habit and get all sorts of stuff done ūüėÄ Oh my friends, I am whipping this house into shape like nobody’s business – the basement renovation¬†into a media room, setting up the girls in their new bedroom, oh and I haven’t told you yet¬†that I am working on setting up¬†my new office in the house….among (a few) other things. It’s like my brain wants this house 200% for when the baby arrives – never mind that most of these changes have nothing to do with the baby itself ūüėČ I am no foul though, I know that the burst of energy I have right now ain’t gonna last so I take full advantage of soon. Soon enough all you’ll find me doing is eating ice cream on the couch while watching re-runs of Ally McBeal.

Anyhow. The big girls’ room is almost finished – a detail here and these and I’ll be sharing the full room with you in a couple of weeks- and today I want to show you¬†this fun little row of wallpaper houses I put in their room using removable wallpaper from Spoonflower. It was so easy to set up (DIY how to at the bottom of the post) and is a major hit with the girls – it makes the whole room so cheerful and I love how it¬†calls for¬†their imagination!

DIY row of houses using removable wallpaperDIY row of houses using removable wallpaperDIY row of houses using removable wallpaperDIY row of houses using removable wallpaper

I set up a little wooden ledge right at the bottom¬†the houses so that they can put their¬†toys and pretend the houses form a little town. ¬†I often catch them making a little mouse go to school or a mama rabbit head to the market :) Olivia mostly displays her horse collection up there – that girl and her horses, unstoppable! Of course Freia loves to come to her big sisters’ bedroom and knock all of the toys down :)

DIY row of houses using removable wallpaperDIY row of houses using removable wallpaperDIY row of houses using removable wallpaperDIY row of houses using removable wallpaper

The best thing about this project is you can easily adapt it to your own space – just decide on the length of the row your need, pick the colors and patterns that go for your little one’s room and you’ll be on your way!

Because I wanted to use several patterns, I kept the houses very simple in shape. I simply hand-drew them and they are a little crooked but I love them for it. I went for a mix of gold yellows, soft and hot pinks, and bits of green and grey. I really love how it turned out! Spoonflower has so many options for patterns, and I even started to design my own  Рthe wallpaper that has the bits of green and red is mine. So fun!

Click here to learn how to make this row of wallpaper house!

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live here eat that all naturalL: Rotterdam home via Avenue Lifestyle|R: Apple toasts with thyme and honey via Tasty Yummies.

You guys know I love me loads of colors, but I just can’t get enough of the simple, natural vibe of this Dutch home. They went for very earthy colors throughout the house without getting to dull – these bright accents of mustard yellow, pretty orange dinning chairs and the green accent wall in the kitchen. Combine with the high ceiling in the living room and tons of brick walls – it’s a winner in my books! I’d move there in a heartbeat :)

And how amazing do these apple toasts with honey and thyme sound? So easy too, got to try them this weekend for breakfast!

chairs in different earth tonesoak stainless steel and green wall in kitchengorgeous brick wallsimple kitchen with green wallpretty bedroom and wooden cribbedside vase and plantsnatural vibe in the bedroom

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Happy tech #4 | Be Merry wallpaper

1280x1024_May 15

Happy Friday, friends! Hope you all had a good week – if not, well here’s a little reminder from the lovely Jessica at Coco & Mingo and I to keep just breath and take it easy on yourself. It’s a three-day weekend here in the US and we have some friends visiting and my brother is also here – although ironically he’s at the hospital right now because one of his lungs collapsed after his flight….so much for the whole “just breath” thing :) He should be ok though, we’re hoping he can make it out of the hospital in a couple of days.

m_82_pf_open_white 048Phone_mockup_May 15

For this month’s¬†free wallpapers for your computer of your phone, we created a little design that goes well with the May page of our free printable 2015 calendar¬†(below) from earlier this year – which you can download here and¬†just print on your home printer :)

Click here to download the wallpaper(s) that you need for your tech!

Breathe wallpaper for your phone
Breathe wallpaper for your PC
Breathe wallpaper for your Mac (13 inch)
Breathe wallpaper for your Mac (15 inch)

See you all next week after the holiday weekend, I’ll have some exciting things going on around here next week….giveaway, did anyone say¬†giveaway? :) Have a great weekend!


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It is bittersweet when they turn one, isn’t it?

That very first birthday. When they turn one I see both the baby and the little girl. They say so much and yet so little. I want to cheer them on to take their first steps and still want to carry them everywhere we go – because I know the days are counted and soon she’ll want to do it all on her own like a big girl. So many reasons to celebrate on that first birthday, and yet part of me always feels a little sad…knowing that from that moment on the baby days are really going to slip away.¬†Freia turned one last week and already I can everyday I can see the chance in her, becoming more and more of a little girl. I swear it was only yesterday that her sisters turned one….now how is Olivia about to enter Kindergarten already?!

IMG_3563 IMG_3591IMG_3670IMG_3595IMG_3577

And of course, we had a little party because really we always try to spend more time celebrating life and all the changes it brings than regretting the things of the past. Moving forward, to infinity and beyond :)

As we always do, we hung balloons and set the Danish flag on the table, we put a crown on our party girl and made our traditional strawberries and cream cake, we asked friends and family to write down what they think Freia will do/be when she grows up on her birthday post. Traditions. I love them. They make time stand still for a moment…and sometimes really that’s all you need. Take¬†minute to reflect on life. Knowing that some things might change, our babies might grow up and we may not always like it, but really in the end – we get so much good stuff out of all that growing up. So cheers, to this tiny little girl turning one.

IMG_3703IMG_3654IMG_3664IMG_3581 IMG_3675

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live here eat that in pink L: Colorful Dutch row house via Decor8 | R: Strawberry sorbet float by Adore Foods

More pastels and pinks, I can’t seem to be able to shake this whole 4 girls thing :) But how fun is this Dutch row house?

Tons of white with pops of pastels and neon. It would definitely be too girly for hubby, but if I lived alone it could be such a fun color scheme…if only I could stick to a color theme the way they did in this house!!! Am I the only one with friends and family who gift weird home decor? :) Everything is curated so¬†perfectly – looking at the pictures it almost feels like these shelves belong in a scandinavian shop! Love the bright yellow pendant above the dinning table….I’ve been looking for a fun pendant for the girls new bedroom and I think they would love something like this!

And yum – that strawberry sorbet float…..the perfect Spring dessert really!

colorful dutch row house white and pastels in colorful dutch row house fireplace in colorful dutch row house colorful dutch row house dinning room colorful dutch row house details art above couch in colorful dutch row house colorful dutch row house kids bedroom colorful dutch row house living room collection on the wall in colorful dutch row house pretty pastels in colorful dutch row house shelves in colorful dutch row house colorful dutch row house kitchen

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DIY roundup in salmon pink and grey

Alright, so in honor my big announcement on Monday, here’s a little roundup of DYs and recipes all in soft and bright pinks and happy yellow, in case you are looking for something to do this weekend :) We’ll be busy celebrating Freia’s very first birthday with lots of cake and family time! I can’t believe this little girl is one already! Have a great weekend, friends!

1. DIY gummy candy, craving some so bad!
2. How super cute is this polka dot chair?! Find the DIY here.
3. Citrus cake is by far one of my favorite. So simple and sweet!
4. I want to find a way to make these little cactus houses! The girls would love that. 
5. Love this tote, perfect¬†go to the farmers’ market.
6. Alright, absolutely need to try these blood orange and strawberry mousse tartlets!!! If only I could make them look this pretty.

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Happy tech #4 | Be Merry wallpaper
When they turn one...


1, 2, 3… and 4 coming right up!

Now you know what’s been keeping me away from the blog for so long :) We’re expecting baby number 4 for mid-September! I know, you guys probably think this is completely crazy since Freia is only turning 1 this week, but believe me – this little babe was very much wanted and planned for. Hubby and I have always wanted four kids, and having Olivia and Madeline so close together in age has been one of the best thing – so we decided that for Freia and our last one we wanted to have a similar age gap = about 15 months. Still, it’s crazy we know…but that’s totally us, we love it that way.

Of course I have been super tired, like brutally tired given that I am pretty much going through two pregnancies in a row – one of the reasons why this blog has been on super slow motion. But I still can’t complain, this pregnancy has been just has easy as the first three. We’re so excited and can’t wait to have our family complete!

Oh, and I guess maybe you guys would like to know the sex of the baby? :) Because yes, we found out last Friday at the 20 weeks ultrasound. TONS of people have been predicting a baby boy – you wouldn’t believe the number of strangers at Target that stopped me and said “Oh that belly, it’s a boy for sure” Well…all fools! We’re having another girl :) And I couldn’t be more happy about it! Somehow I always imagined myself as the mama of an all girls team, something inside, I just knew…poor hubby, outnumbered doesn’t even start to describe it! But I know he’ll be alright. More than alright ūüėČ


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girl inspiration board for bedroom Source: 1. | 2. |3. | 4.

How you guys doing?! I know, more than two weeks since I last blogged….I promised it won’t be long until I tell you all about what’s been keeping me away from the screen :) Maybe even early next week!

Hard to believe that we’ve been in our new house for almost 6 months already! I am finally getting moving with a lot of the projects we have for our home – we’re starting the reno in our basement to convert it into our¬†media/family room this week, and I’ve also been working on making the girls bedrooms’ nice, cosy and fun for them!Kids spaces are one of my favorite rooms of the house to work on – the whimsy, the fun. Here is a little glimpse at what I have planned for them:

little girl bedroom inspiration board

We only have three bedrooms upstairs, so the girls still share – they love it and I love it too, easy bed time + at night they always ask to sleep together. Now, their space is super tiny. We barely managed to make their two toddler beds fits and it’s been challenging to find a way to¬†fit everything they want¬†in there without making it feel cluttered. Not that they would really care…they do love a good mess¬†ūüėČ They used to have IKEA bunk beds in their bedroom in NYC – which we moved to our rental in Berkeley but helas, the beds didn’t quite make it out of the rental – “I don’t know, hon, the bunk beds weren’t¬†quite coming apart when I unscrewed everything and I just pulled a LITTLE bit and the beds¬†just fell apart” Sigh. Patience with furniture isn’t quite hubby’s thing.

So there you go, lots of pink and yellow + green and red/hot pink accents for the color palette. And loads of patterns. A week ago I set up the accent wall of pink diamonds using this Spoonflower removable wallpaper by Peacoquette Designs and woaah the difference it made! It added a super fun vibe right away :) The girls love it, I¬†love it, and even hubby who HATES wallpaper – I know, how could I possibly marry a wallpaper hater ūüėČ– even mentioned that he likes it. Score! Tons of little details to finish up,¬†but things are moving along great so hopefully¬†it won’t be too long until I show you their room!

Happy Wednesday, friends :)

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a beautiful thing is never perfect free wallpaper

My partner in crime Jessica from Coco & Mingo and I are going at it again Рhere are your free desktop and phone wallpapers for April, friends :) Links to download are at the bottom of this post.

In a way we always seem to be looking for perfection….believe me, as a blogger, I am just surrounded by this concept. Our homes should always be styled perfectly. And our outfits matching that of our kids. And parties should always Pinterest worthy. We want love and friendship but don’t want the pain that sometimes comes with that, when really it’s all part of the process. The most beautiful things are never perfect, really. It’s often their imperfection that make them that much more special. So I’ll take my dirty car¬†and my kids who haven’t seen a hairbrush in a few days and the arguments I have with hubby…because in the end they are just a blip in all of the beauty.

A beautiful thing is never perfect

To download the wallpapers, simply click on the links below:

Phone wallpaper
Wallpaper for PC
Wallpaper for Mac (13 inch)
Wallpaper for Mac (15 inch)

Lettering by¬†Jessica from Coco + Mingo, artwork by me.¬†For personal use only. Not for sale or distribution. If shared, please link back to original post ‚Äď thank you¬†:)

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DIY keepsake memory box for baby treasures

My oh my how time flies! A year ago exactly I was working on this little DIY – ¬†a keepsake memory box that would be included in my friend Charlotte’s book called Handmade for Baby….and now the book is out and I still need to pinch myself every time I look at it¬†and see my name and tutorial on the glossy pages. A real book. Feels legit, you know? :)

This little suitcase memory box is actually an old vintage suitcase that I pimped up with paper and fabric and wood inserts. It was so much fun to make that I am now planning on making one for each of my girls to keep all of these tiny baby things that I can’t quite let go of.Favorite doll, book, little clothes I made for them…I also added an¬†envelope so that I could easily store¬†their first drawings, photographs etc. Now now I know, I am a total tease because I can’t share the entire tutorial with you on this blog, but if you are interested it’s all in the Handmade for Baby book – along with 24 more amazing projects¬†that I know you’re going to love!

DIY keepsake memory box out of an old suitcaseDIY keepsake memory box out of a vintage suitcaseDIY keepsake memory box

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