Red velvet. I’ll pretty much try anything that says “red velvet”, you don’t have to twist my arm. Problem is, pretty much anything red velvet goes straight my thighs… except for this smoothie, friends! It’s sweet and delicious, it tastes just like red velvet cake, AND  it’s super healthy for you. Perfect for my little winter detox! The secret? Beets! I know, I know, it sounds weird, but try it and see for yourself! This smoothie makes the perfect treat – especially with Valentine’s Day just around the corner 😉 And don’t you love that gorgeous, deep purply-red color?! Read on the the recipe.


3/4 cup almond milk
1/2 cup cooked beets (steamed or roasted, how to)
1-2 tablespoons agave nectar (you can replace with something like a few dates if you want something even healthier!)
2 tablespoons cacao powder
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/2 cup ice – I used ice cubes made with coconut milk, delicious and nutricious

Combine all ingredients in blender and blend until completely smooth. Enjoy :)

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Olivia at school this week: “I love my mommy and my daddy and my baby and oranges”. Oranges, girl?!!! Haha. I am sure Madeline will appreciate being kicked off the list by some fruit 😉

How do you guys feel about all that Valentine’s day stuff that’s E.V.E.R.Y.W.H.E.R.E right now on blogs and Pinterest etc? To be honest with you, it’s been stressing me out a bit. I feel like I should be making V-day crafts all day long with my kids, have a very special handmade-gift-that-I-spent-hours-working-on-with-my-hot-glue-gun for hubby already wrapped up, and that our house should be covered in red and pink from top to bottom – although, I am accumulating LOADS of pink in the house right now per pics above, but more because of a certain nesting issue of mine…guess I am not tired of shopping for girls yet! Oh, and let’s not even talk about the non-existent V-day content on my blog so far…

Don’t get me wrong, I am a lover girl! It’s just that I’d rather be spending time with my loved ones creating new memories and covering them with real hugs and kisses, that’s my way of celebrating love. But, ok, if you REALLY want to send me a box of chocolates y’all, I won’t be against it 😉 

In other news – TGIF! It’s been a busy but awesome week for me. Hubby’s traveling non-stop, and I just finished a big deadline for a SUPER exciting project – can’t tell you much about it yet, all I can say is that it involves me and a book and that you’re going to love it! Thanks again for all of the feedback you guys keep giving me in the survey – it means more than you’ll ever know. I am writing all the ideas coming out of it down in my pretty pink notebook. I feel so pumped to really make this place an awesomer (that’s right) blog than it is. So hold on to your hats!

Have a great weekend, friends! xxx


A little link love…

♥ I‘d pretend to plan something like this for the girls. When really, it would be for me 😀

♥ Seeing my projects featured on Apartment Therapy not once but TWICE this week – here and here. Totally doing cartwheel 😀 Can you spy them?

♥ I couldn’t have said it better.

♥ In love with this planter. Yep. That’s right. I just put love and planter in the same sentence.

♥ Oh for heaven’s sake!


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We never had a fireplace in our home until we moved to thus house. It’s big and very traditional, all wood…not very me at all! I want to give it a little something something special, find a way to make it stand out. I thought I’d share some of the ideas and inspiration I’ve gathered in case you’re in need of some inspiration as well. Especially if you’re snowed in and starting to have cabin fever – maybe giving your fireplace a facelift will make you want to hang around it a bit more? :)

1. Frame it with wallpaper. Bring some focus to your fireplace by framing it with a beautiful, bold wallpaper – create a frame for the frame, if you will. If you’re not sure about this, try it with removable wallpaper (Spoonflower has a ton of lovely patterns) and you can always get rid of it if you don’t like it!

1. |2. |3.

2. Paint it a bold color. Oh how I wish I could do this with ours! But I am afraid I would give our sweet sweet landlord a heart attack – she likes her traditional wood fireplace so much. Colors like pink, yellow, green transform a traditional fireplace into something bold and playful.

3. White wash it! If your chimney is made of bricks, white wash them – you’ll keep the lovely texture and have a chimney with a fresh new looks without having to do too much work. You can also paint the bricks white – you won’t keep as much of the texture/old look, but you’ll get a really clean look!

4. Fill up your fireplace with something unexpected. If your fireplace isn’t working – or you don’t care for it to work- don’t live it empty! Fill it up with logs (real or fake), or stack up books or magazines in it. You could even draw your own fake fire on a blackboard.

5. Display a collection. Do you have a bunch of pretty little vases  that are gathering dust in a cabinet? Or maybe a bunch of small art prints that you don’t know where to hang in your home? Set up a little collection display on the mantel.


6. Big art! Unless you are going to display a collection of smaller prints together, you should have big, bold art above your fireplace – something that will draw the eyes and don’t look like it’s getting lost above the fireplace.

7. Dare to mix old and new. Your husband wants  something more traditional and you want something for modern? Try to find compromise. For example, paint the bricks but keep a  wooden mantel, it will create a nice contrast and create some lines. I also love the idea in the last picture of this post – hang something very traditional like deer head, but bold color in the background. Such a fresh take on a classic!

1.| 2.

8. Put up a mirror. This is a great solution especially if the room is small – a mirror will make it feel a lot bigger! And again if you are going to hand a mirror above your fireplace – go big!

9. Forget the rules. Posts like this one will show to how to set up your mantel “properly” to give it a nice visual weight, but don’t feel like you have to fallow the rules. Keep things off centered to allow the eyes to wander a bit, and you fill like to need fillers if you big piece makes a nice statement on its own.

10. Don’t have one? Make one! Don’t have a fireplace? Why don’t you make one up?! Decorative fireplaces/mantels aren’t as hard to make as you’d think, and they’ll make a nice focal point in your living room. Check out this nice tutorial on how to build a decorative fireplace here.


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L: Norwegian home of Ingrid, blogger at Fjeldborg | R: Strawberry & lemon cupcakes in a jar by Glorious Treats.

First of all, let me start by saying how overwhelmed I’ve been by you guys’ answers to yesterday’s post! I can’t believe how many of you have taken the survey already, it’s been amazing to get your guys’ feedback and ideas about This Little Street for this big milestone. I promise to put all the feedback to good use :) If you want to take the survey, click here – you still have a few days!

Today another super colorful house for you all. Sorry, I just can’t help it – color just makes me so freaking HAPPY :) I’d move in a heartbeat, really. It’s a typical scandinavian home in the way that it uses white as a base color on the walls and floors – to make the most out of the little light that you get in Norway in the  winter days. The burst of colors, patterns and textures bring all that white to life. I love that this home is filled with cosy corners, and  tiny DIYs projects that make the house all that more unique.

I’ll let you soak in all of the images- what do you think? Too much color for you? 

Oh, and to go with this lovely home, how about a little cupcake in a jar – have you ever had one? Best party favors EVER 😀 Yum yum! I want to try these strawberry and lemon cupcakes in a jar by Glorious Treat – two of my favorite flavors combined, it can only be delicious! Happy Wednesday, friends!

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Two years ago out I started This little Street out of the dreams in my head – I can hardly believe it! And my, how the blog has grown in these two years – way beyond my wildest dreams! What does that mean exactly? It means that over 150,000 OF YOU have stopped by to dive into my colorful world! But more than that, it has been 2 years of beautiful discoveries and making connections with amazing people. If two years ago you’d told me I would team up with West Elm or have my home featured in Molly Makes, I would have probably laughed out loud.

And I want the blog to keep growing – oh the dreams I have, oh the places it’s going to go! But for that, I also need a little something from you, my dear readers – I want to hear what you think, if you have any ideas or feedback for me! Because nothing is more important to me than building a places that inspires you and makes you dream too.

So I am having a little reader survey – not long I promise! I’d be forever grateful if you could take it…it would really mean the world to me! And, to show how much I love you for taking it, I am having a fun little giveaway. I’ll randomly pick TWO OF YOU who completed the survey and send you a box filled with pretty little goodies, handpicked by yours truly – only products I love, from me to you :) Because really, who doesn’t like to get surprises in the mail?!

CLICK HERE TO TAKE THE SURVEY Survey is over – thanks so much for all of you who participated, made my heart melt :)
1) Fill out the survey here – don’t forget to click on the “Submit” button (bottom left after last question) otherwise it won’t register your answers!
2) Then leave me a comment in this post to let me know you took the survey, with a valid email address I can reach out at in case you win :)

This giveaway is open to people WORLDWIDE, and is open for 7 days until 02/10/2014. Thanks so much for participating!

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Oh winter! It’s always so exciting when it starts – the first snow, the thought of having hot cocoa by the fireplace…and then mid-way through it, it always seems like it will never end! To be honest, we don’t even really get winter here in California, and after just a month back home in Europe I had enough of the damp weather. My tolerance for cold and rain has gone WAY down, obviously 😉 Anybody has enough of being cold and wet already? Where oh where did that fun winter spirit go? Well, today I am giving you a few more project to try and have fun with that whole winter thing :) Some little DIYs to make your home all cosy and keep you warm. Have a lovely weekend, friends!

1. Add a little scandinavian feel to your home by making the prettiest faux-fur stool
2. Your fireplace isn’t working? You can still give it a cosy look with this faux stacked log fireplace facade.
3.  Stuck inside with little ones? Try making these fun sock hobby horses!
4. The cutest little winter boots, with suede soles.
5. Pretty cosy for your mugs – I need to knit myself one of these!

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Hubby has been traveling for work a lot since we got back from Europe, which means it’s pretty much been me and the girls at home…oh, and the bump. Quite tired to say the least, but the show must go on, right? 😉

I don’t wear a lot of make-up – never had, really, and even less so now that I have little ones at home. If you’re like me, you don’t really have the time or energy to spend an hour in the bathroom trying to hide your tiredness with foundation and concealers and this and that. Still, there are some quick, easy tricks that can save your day and make you look (and feel) like a million bucks. Well, at least half a million 😉

1. Wear bold lipstick, or…:  A red lip will make your teeth look whiter and take the focus off the main facial feature that’s least forgiving when it comes to your tiredness: your eyes. And if wearing red lipstick isn’t your thing (you should really consider it!), try wearing bright colors instead – it will lift your spirits right up. My go-to clothing item on tired days? My bright pink shoes :) I feel energized just looking down at my feet. Also, funny thing is people look at my feet more than my tired face when I wear them, so it’s a win win 😉

2. Blush it up: A pop of color on your cheekbones brightens your entire face and distracts from shadows underneath your eyes. Look for a rosy blush with a hint of gold, that will help to counteract any blue tones that you have under your eyes because of dark circles. Make sure to avoid shades that are too orangebecause these will actually accentuate the tiredness. Smile when you apply it. Follow the shape of your cheekbone and go up towards the temples.

3. The tea bags trick:  If you want to get rid of dark circles under your eyes, you can of course spend a lot of money on creams and gels – but I like the tea bag trick much better. So affordable, and natural too! Take a couple of tea bags and steep them in hot water for 3-5 minutes. Then, put them on a plate and stick them in the fridge for 20 minutes or so – until they are cold. While the bags are cooling down, enjoy your tea :) Take the tea bags out and gently squeeze out any excess liquid. Lay down and put the tea bags over your eyes for 15-30 minutes. Remove and carefully rinse off any tea stains on your face. For best results, do this once a week.

4. Milk miracle:  Want to bring some life back to that skin of yours? Here is another old trick – dip a washcloth in a mix of milk and ice cubes, wring out the cloth, and place it on your face for five minutes, then rinse. It feels so nice and your skin will thank you for it. Apply moisturizer afterwards as you’d normally do.

5. Flaunt your locks: Let’s face it, we all throw your hair back in a pony when we’re tired because it’s the “easy” thing to do – especially given the likely that our hair might not be as clean as we’d wish 😉 But resist the urge! Tightly pulled back hair just puts more emphasis on your tired eyes and skin. Instead, brush it and add a little product to bring it back to life – if your hair is greasy, try a dry shampoo, and if you hair is frizzy like mine or a bit damaged, go for a smoothing balm.

Now tell me, what about you, do you have any trick to not look like a zombie when you are tired? And don’t tell me “Get some sleep”, haha 😉 Although really, I should also try that some day. Happy Thursday, friends!

All photos by This Little Street. Wearing the Boots Botanics lipstick in 060 Red – purchased at Target.

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Guess what girl (and her bump) will be heading out for some Swedish meatballs this Saturday? :)

Ikea is about to release a new collection, limited edition called BRÅKIG, designed in partnership with ArtRebels and want to buy it all. Fun colors, bold patterns – and did you see they are releasing a new version of the stool I used to make my cross-stitch stool last year? I may have to work on a new version of that stool, just because 😉

I am also so excited that they will be releasing new storage boxes to add to my ever-growing collection. Loving the soft pastels and the contrasting vibrant colors – and oh, all the geometric patterns. Isn’t it such a nice way to get all warmed up for Spring? :)

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It’s not because we’re in the middle of winter and that your driveway is 10 billion feet under snow that we should forget about all things green, don’t you think? I love plants indoors, they are an amazing (and relatively cheap) way to decorate and add so much life to a home. Plus, they make it easier for your to breath and purify the air for you as well – seriously, what’s not to like? Here are 10 little tips that will help you add green to your home:

1. Display a collection of them: nothing like getting a lot of different plants together to create a big effect! For best results, you’ll want to select plants of different size and with different leaves. You can simply put them in a corner of your home or cleverly display your little collection on a ladder/shelves (image 2). The more the merrier, right? :)

2. Mix plants with your daily life: add an unexpected touch of green by mixing up plants with little things of your daily life. A couple of cactus on your bathroom shelves next to your brushes and bottles (image 11), or herb plants on kitchen shelves next to your plates and cups.

3. Find unusual containers: Of course you can always buy pots, but for optimal effect consider DIY your pot (image 1) or even using objets that weren’t meant to hold a plant, like the big canvas bags in image 6 or the tin box in image 9. Found a container you love but don’t dare using it before there is no whole at the bottom for the water to escape? Watch this tutorial and you’ll learn to turn anything into a pot.

4. Hang them up high: this is  a great way to add plants to your home, especially if you have young kids that will just dig out everything like mini-tornadoes. Little hands won’t be able to grab these 😉 Use cute pot hangers (image 3, 4 and  8), or add display boxes on the walls (image 10)

5. Go big!  Some trees love being indoors, like fiddle-leaf fig trees (image 7) or citrus trees, and you’ll love having them too! They go higher they can help you make a big statement and give a room more volume. Here is a little list I found of the best trees for indoor use. For easy cleaning and to protect them from too much sun, put them on an oversize plant mobile with casters and you’ll be able to roll that tree around wherever you want.

6. Think about colors: When choosing a pot/container, you can choose you stay in the neutrals and natural tones of course, or break off colors and go bold. It is important to think about the mood your want to create and select a color palette accordingly. If you want to go bright, some colors that always go well with plants include coral (images 1, 2, 4) , pink, mint and yellow.

7. No room is off limits: don’t limit yourself to the living room! The kitchen (remember my rolling herb garden?), the bathroom or your bedroom are also great places to add plants. Ok, so your guests might not enjoy them as much, but I swear that you will.  They will be like a breath of fresh air! And remember what I said: plants help purify the air, so I bet you’ll sleep better if you had a couple ferns by your bed 😉

8. The right plant for the right room: Temperature, sunlight, humidity  are all of factors that will impact how your plant thrives. Go to local nursery and talk to a specialist, let them know what you want to do and they will be able to help you find the perfect plant. Also, think about scale, and how much space the plant(s) you want to add will take up.

9. How much care? Mmmmm so let’s say that you have a bit of a black thumb? Don’t worry, I am right there with you 😀 Succulents and cactus (images 4, 11)  are great if you only want to water every now and then. And worst comes worst, you could even fake – IKEA for example has quite a lot of fake plants that would fool you. But hey, do you really want all that plastic in your home? :)

10. Use branches:  For ever-changing green in a home, think about displaying branches in a vase. Big branches for a big statement or smaller ones to add a sublte note of green to any room (image 5). Use fallen evergreen branches or a straggly branch from your trees – snip it and put it to work inside a vase!

Images: 1. |2. |3. |4. |5. |6. |7. |8. |9. |10.| 11.

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Bloom Theory just released their new 2014 collection, and their new scarf traps are so gorgeous that I had to share them here with you. I love that these are so casual but pretty looking compared to regular straps. So feminine too! I featured this awesome brand already two years ago when I just started blogging, and with every collection they don’t disappoint! Now, I still wish I was using a strap. Uhm. If you ask hubby he’ll probably tell you I should….I may or may not have dropped my camera once or twice. ANYWHO! If you are a photo addict like me and are looking for a fun, pretty way to accessorize your camera to what your wearing – check out their new collection! Happy Thursday, friends.

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