Holiday gift guide 2014

Can you guys believe it’s already almost December? My favorite month of the year, but I wonder if I’ll have much time to enjoy it this year – we plan on moving to the new house mid-December, I won’t have much time to shop for presents… you think the girls will notice if I just […]

{Holiday gift guide 2013} for the gents

holiday gift guide for men hip and trendy

Hi friends! After sharing my gift guide for the ladies yesterday, here is some fun stuff for the gents in your life. I don’t know about you, but I always find shopping for guys SO hard! You can always get some makeup or a piece of jewelry for a girl and she’ll be happy, but […]

The invisible bike helmet

invisible bike helmet

Being married to a Danish guy – the ultimate biking country- made me rediscover bikes as a grown-up. They are so fun and easy to get around and get you in such shape without the price of a gym membership! I love it when I see US cities like Berkeley or NYC start and try […]

6 favorite gifts for men

best gifts for men

With the girls being sick the week leading to father’s day,  I never got to share this little gift idea list that I had made. But it’s never too late to shower the men in your life with love and gifts, right? Shopping for guys is always harder for me than when I have to […]

{like father, like son} bow ties

bow ties for men and the little ones

The men of the house should want to look their best for their ladies today, right? Well, I’ve got just what you need, some fun bow ties! Forage has some really great bow ties for men – love all the patterns. I want to get hubby one, he doesn’t have a bow tie yet! And […]

{like father, like son} snap

like father like son with cameras

Happy Thursday everyone! I’m having a mad time at ALT summit, but still thought I’d share these with you. Isn’t this camera bag by Filson just so cool? And for the little ones, love this fun little camera shirt! You might also like:{in love with} Petit Pan{this little shop} blabla kidsCLOSED – $100 gift card […]

{Holiday gift guide 2012} for the gents

holiday gift guide for men the wild side

And there you go, some more presents ideas for the holidays – this time for the men in your life! I know buying presents for men can be a little trickier sometimes – but hopefully these will inspire you and help you find something that they love. Happy Tuesday everybody! PS: Today is the last […]

{like father, like son} it’s a tie

like father like son tie

Let the men drink their coffee in this cool  set of cups by Jimbo Art, while the little ones run around in this fun little bow tie outfit by Wild Juniper. Hope you’re having a lovely Thursday! As far as I am concerned, it’s been a busy day already: started with a photo session with […]

{this weekend} let’s get inked!


Do you guys have a tattoo? Love them? Hate them? I have one, but I always forget that I do, because it’s on my lower back and I don’t really get to see it. It’s a sun. I probably wouldn’t get that exact tattoo if I was given a chance to do it over. I […]

{like father, like son} slingshots

slingshot for father and son

Good morning, it’s a beautiful day in NYC! Today the big men sip on their (awesome) Slingshot coffees, while teaching the little ones to do mischief with their own (super cool) slingshots by Hella Slingshots. You might also like:{this little shop} blabla kids{like mother, like daughter} orange and grey{like father, like son} it’s a tie{like […]