Sunset boulevard

sunset color inspiration in yellow and orange

Happy Monday, friends! Sending a little sunshine your way with this color inspiration in shades of yellow and orange to start the week – actually, we could use some sun ourselves since it’s raining today! But hey, who am I to complain We had a lovely weekend. I finished some of these books, and took […]

Whatever, winter. Whatever.


Source Is it me only, or is winter way overrated? When I see my New York friends’ Instagram feeds I sometimes get a bit jealous of all that beautiful snow….that winter wonderland, you know? But then I really think about it – naaah, I ain’t missing that nasty cold. AT. ALL. I remember last winter when it […]

{the colors of happiness} sweet fall


Image source. Fall is by far my favorite season….and so I ask, will it ever show up in California? My leather boots are itching to get out of the closet and my jackets are glued to the weather app for any signs of chill temperatures. People here keep telling me it’s going to get cold […]

{the colors of happiness} Surfing the wave

surf boards

No no, I haven’t started surfing in the Hudson river – oh I’m sure it would be a blast to swim in all that pollution though 😉 No, it’s not that kind of wave I am talking about, but rather the wave of issues and worries. Lately I’ve received loads of great news and it’s […]

{the colors of happiness} a flower shop

Beautiful flower shop

Image source. Last night my friend sent me a picture of gorgeous peonies growing in her backyard in New Jersey. Meanwhile, none of the flowers I planted with the girls back in March grew. As in zero, nada, rien de rien. Maybe using spoons wasn’t such an effective planting method after all. That, or black […]

{the colors of happiness} sweet popsicles


The temperature is rising in NYC, and before we know it it’s going to be hotter than we want it. Hot and sticky. Not my favorite time of the year in the city. But at least that’s the perfect excuse to indulge in popsicles….because, let’s face it, I’ll indulge in popsicles ANY TIME of the […]

{the colors of happiness} sleeping babes

sleeping babies

Image source. Sometimes they quietly fall asleep in my arms, their head nestling gently in the crook of my neck. And other times they fight sleeping like it’s their greatest enemy. But when they finally let go and drift off to sleep, it’s like something magical takes place. I don’t think there is anything sweeter […]

{the colors of happiness} sharing a blanket

share a blanket

Sometimes the most simple things are also the best. My favorite thing to do with hubby isn’t going to a fancy restaurant or doing crazy things like going on a hot air balloon ride – although, let’s not lie, all of these things are nice! My one, very favorite thing is to do it to […]

{the colors of happiness} pucker up

sexy red lips

Image source I don’t know about you, but all this V-day talk makes me want to kiss my hubby and leave a nice red mark on his cheeks. What is it with red lips being so damn sexy? Anyway, I didn’t grow up in a home where you show your affection – my parents sometimes […]

{the colors of happiness} a little squeeze

Colors of Happiness a little squeeze

Image source Whether or not you have a child of your own, you’ve probably felt your belly tighten when little ones hold your finger with their tiny little hands. That squeeze, that grip, it’s got something so special, doesn’t it? It’s one of my favorite thing, to walk around and feel that little hand in […]