DIY reusable fabric book covers

DIY reusable book covers made with fabric
Alright friends, so this post was originally meant to go up when school started, buuuuuut you know, life and a baby happened and there you go :) Still, I figured you could use this idea in case you still have some school books to cover up – or for next year! These DIY reusable fabric book covers are washable and reusable from one year to another and are so easy to  make. Make them once and then you’re set every year! I remember being young and the hours it would take us every year to cover our school books with my mom. Not my favorite memories! Problem solved here :)
DIY reusable fabric book coversDIY reusable book covers with fabric
If you are a beginner at sewing this is a perfect project to practice that straight stitch. You can use new fabric or totally repurpose old shirts! I used some of the prints in my new California dreaming collection to cover some of my own books that really didn’t have a great cover – ready for the easiest of all tutorials?!

What you need

– Fabric: fat quarters are great for this project. You need pieces of fabric that are as tall as your book and 3.75 to 4 times the width of your book – more or less. Best to use fabric that has some stretch to it – a knit or even better, a lycra fabric. That extra stretch your the advantage of reusing the covers that are slighting different in size!
– Sewing machines + thread

how to reusable book cover with knit fabric

What you do

1. Cut your fabric as tall as your book and 3.75 to 4 times the width of your book, more or less.
2. Put your fabric right side up, and fold the left side over to just about the middle of the rectangle. Repeat with the right side. You should have about an 3/4 of an inch as shown in the picture above.
3. Saw the folded fabric along the bottom and top on each side. Flip the fabric inside out and you have your new cover!

PS. For a cleaner finish and longer lasting cover, use a serger to sew the edges!

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  1. Michaela says:

    I love this cactus fabric, what collection is it from?

  2. How darling are these?! Still gushing over your fabric line friend <3