DIY reversible storage bins

DIY reversible fabric storage bin
Am I the only one always running out of storage space? I swear, I declutter one day and the next toys are overflowing again – and it’s not like we buy a lot of them. I am a big fan of having “everything in its place and a place for everything” – my mind can’t function otherwise…oh my how I’ve changed since my teenage years, my mother would be so proud 😉 But with 6 people living in our house, we have to keep chaos under control :) So to help with that I just made a bunch of these cute reversible storage bins using the fabric from my California Dreaming fabric collection – which you can read about here and purchase here on Spoonflower – and wanted to share the sewing tutorial for these storage bin with you all!

DIY reversible fabric storage bin for plantsDIY reversible storage bin with handles DIY reversible storage binDIY reversible storage fabric bin with handles

These bins are so versatile, they are simply the best – and easier to make than you’d think!I made few small ones and one big one with leather handles – I am showing as a planter in this post but we’re now using for toy storage in our living room and it’s perfect for that too.

What you need

– Heavy fabric (canvas type) in two different patterns (One yard each for the large bin, 1/2 to 3/4 yard of each for the small bin). From my collection, I used the blooms fabric, the dots in gold fabric, and grid (large) fabric to make these.
– Pellon midweight Stabilizer (you can skip this for the smaller bin but it really help the bigger bin stand up right)
– thread and sewing machine
– Optional: leather for the handles – I bought a square of leather and simply cut strips in it.

What you do

1) Cut out a circle and a rectangle in each of your fabrics. For the big bin, the circles have 12inch diameter and the rectangles should be 12 x 36 inches. For the large bin, the circles should be 15 inches in diameter and the rectangles 17×45 inches. If you are using stabilizer, also cut out one circle and one rectangle in the appropriate size. Pin that stabilizer to the pieces the outer fabric of your bin.
2)  Attach the circle of the outer fabric to the bottom of the rectangle, right sides together, pinning along the way. Once that is done, also join the two ends of the rectangle with pin to create on bucket. Sew along the circle and the side of the bucket. Repeat this step with the second fabric so that you have two “buckets”
DIY storage bin tutorialDIY storage bin tutorial 2
3) Place the two buckets right side together to form your bin, attach with pins and sew all along the edge, leaving an opening of about 3-4 inches. If you want to add handles to your bucket, pin them in before sewing making sure they are placed inside the right sides.
4) Flip your bin inside out through the opening your left, and close the opening by hand with matching thread and a needle. Voila, your in is ready!

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  1. Ju says:

    What a lovely bunch of storage bins !
    And that’s another item I hope I can cross soon on my ‘nice things to do list’ 😉
    You seem to be doing just great with your little ones. I still think of Daphné when I see Freia, I’m sure those two would get on well :)
    Have a lovely day, I’m sure you’re busy as a bee !

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