DIY kids book bin

DIY book bin for little kids that makes it easy to browse through books

Thank you all so much for all the sweet comments on the big girls’ room reveal – so glad you love it as much as I do :) I received many email on the kids book bin I made for the girls and how you wanted to make one for your own kiddos, so today is a little tutorial for the DIY kids book bin I made for my smallest girls’ room this time… I told you guys, we’ve got PLENTY of book around here! My girls are such book worms!

For this book bin, I teamed up with two of my favorite companies to give the book bin a different feel. Pretty Pegs provided some beautiful legs for the bin (the dipped gold!), and Chasing Paper sent me some of the same removable wallpaper that I used on the accent wall to line the inside of the book bin (on another note, did you see their new collection by Lisa Congdon?! To die for!). I really love how this book bin turned out!

DIY kids book bin with stepsDIY kids book binkids book bin and rugDIY kids book bin make it easy to browse through booksDIY kids book bin decorated with fun wallpaperDIY book bin for kids


These low book bins make it perfect for kids to browse through their books without taking them all out of the case – I mean, hello, are there any other parents out there that go nuts before their kids have to take EVERY.SINGLE.BOOKS  out of the shelf to find the one book they wanted?! Drove me bananas! But we have no more of that now :) The tutorial is very simple and I hope you and your little ones enjoy this project!

What you need


What you do


book bin tutorial 1

book bin tutorial 2

book bin tutorial 3

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78 Responses to “DIY kids book bin”
  1. Ju says:

    Love it, love it, love it ! Excatly what I needed. Because yes, the books on the floor drive me bananas (until I spot a cute little one ‘reading’ in the middle of it. That’s when I totally melt.)
    Thanks for this great DIY !

    Just tell me : are you an extraterrestrial or something ? I mean, 3 little girls, a baby on the way, a job, a blog AND time for great DIYs… how do you manage to do it all ? Congrats :)

    • audrey says:

      haha I know what you mean about the cuteness of finding them in the middle of a pile of books :) Olivia will bring like 20 books to her bed every night and just falls asleep in the middle of them and I secretly love that, even though I tell her every morning that really she needs to put them back when she’s done reading them 😉 Oh, and I have an invisible cape. haha. I wish. I’ve just always had a lot of energy :) xxxx

  2. I love this so much! I wonder if I can convince my husband to play handyman over the weekend?

    • audrey says:

      haha that’s why I take these projects in my own hand, if I had to wait for hubby we’d still have stack of wood supplies piling up in the garage 😉

  3. Oh my gosh this is WAY classier than those kindie wood rack / primary coloured bins for books! I just love this! Will definitely have to keep this DIY in mind when I transition the nursery to a toddler room 😉

  4. Jordana Monnerat says:

    I just loved it! So classy!
    Could you tell me where did you buy the furniture legs?

  5. Natalie says:

    Love this! Where did you get the beautiful rug from?

  6. Elizabeth says:

    Hi! I love this and can’t wait to try it out. Can you please tell me what type of wood you used? Thank you!

  7. emily says:

    darling and clever…my kids would love this…just gotta figure out how to use some power tools!

  8. Ashley R says:

    I absolutely love this! I’ve been looking for ideas for book storage for my kids and this is the answer. Thank you thank you! I was just wondering if you happen to know how much wallpaper you used for the inside? I love that detail!

  9. Melanie says:

    i love this!! Will definitely be making one. Also, where did you get that cute chair? I have been looking for something like that.

  10. diana says:

    love this! so cute and perfect for books! where did you get the little rocking chair (that has the heart pillow on it) :)

    • audrey says:

      The rocking chair is rather small but it can fit an adult too – the girls and I love it. I got it on Amazon!

  11. Michelle says:

    Just spotted this on Pinterst, so beautiful! Do you think you could transform a vertical bookcase into this with the addition of legs and sitting it on it’s back?

    • audrey says:

      Hi Michelle! You definitely could although it would have to be a smaller bookshelf to make sense and have the right layout to fit the books – but why not! :)

  12. Clare says:

    I cannot wait to make one of these for my little boy! Did you need to trim the legs down at all to make it a more kid friendly height? Thanks for sharing!

    • audrey says:

      these are legs for a coffee table so they work great for kids! Home depot has legs of all heights also so you won’t have to trim :)

  13. Elizabeth S says:

    I love this! Where did you get the table legs?

  14. I LOVE this book bin. It’s so cute.

  15. Ci says:

    How did you put the two pieces to make the bottom together? I want to make this for my daughter and that’s the only part I wasn’t sure about. Thanks

  16. Alyssa says:

    Great book bin. I am featuring this on my site if you don’t mind.

  17. Cathy says:

    Hi! What a great design idea! I hope to make one soon! Can I ask where you got the stunning wallpaper?

  18. Erika Gunn says:

    This is so so lovely! I am planning to try to recreate it for my own little ones. Would you say one panel (2 feet by 4 feet) will be enough paper to line the book bin? TIA!

  19. Laura says:

    I just discovered your website through this pin (adore!) and was wondering if you only needed one sheet of removable wallpaper for the shelf?

    • audrey says:

      I used two sheets for it :) If you get a full roll of wallpaper (for example, Spoonflower has great removable peel and stick wallpaper) that should do it!

  20. Monica says:

    Hello. I have just discovered your bookshelf and absolutely love it!!! I’ve purchased the same legs and we’ve cut all the wood. I need to order that wall paper. Do you know how many rolls I need to order? They sell by 2’x4′ panels.
    Thanks so much, Monica

  21. Carly says:

    Hi this is beautiful and would be great for my little boy. Just wanted to ask how you made the legs on the pink bunting book bin you did for your little girls room. Thanks

  22. caroline says:

    GORGEOUS !!!
    but really its $ 91 the 4 furniture legs ?

    • audrey says:

      They provided me with the legs – and they are quite beuatiful – but you can definitely find cheaper ones through other stores! :)

  23. Emma says:

    The wallpaper!!! I LOVE It!!!! I didn’t notice all the animals at first, but they’re amazing! May I trouble you with the name of it? Tjank you!

  24. What is the height of the legs used for the book bin?

  25. What length of legs did you use

    • audrey says:

      For this one the legs were 19 inches high, which works – I might have done a tad lower as it is a bit too high for my youngest two.

  26. Orsi BNC says:

    I loved the idea to use the same wallpaper like the one on your accent wall, and I can totally identify with you; it drives me crazy when my kids can’t find their favorite books and everything just land on the floor. :)
    But honestly… I think I couldn’t handle a DIY project, so I will convince my brother to play a carpenter. Thank you for the step by step guide!

  27. Beth Bishop says:

    Wooden crates are so incredibly useful and versatile. I purchased some at michael’s years ago on sale and they have been used for everything under the sun–and painted, repainted, papered, embellished, and goodness know what else.

  28. This is so adorable!! Definitely need to make one of these!!

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