10 gorgeous accent chairs

10 gorgeous modern accent chairs for your space Source

Doesn’t this little nook look up there look so cosy and welcoming? I’d spend hours there reading a good book…well, hours I don’t really have right now but someday, friends, someday I know I’ll be able to sit down without kids interrupting me every minute because they can’t find their favorite minion underwear or that the pink crayon is missing or that really, they are hungry and need a snack even though they just hate 10 bananas…someday 😉 In the meantime, I’ll just try to build said cosy nook – that’s a start, right?! I’ve been looking at a lot of accent chairs to put in our media room for extra seating on top of our couch, and thought I’d share my favorite finds with – all of these 10 gorgeous accent chairs would give your space some personality! Any favorite? I ordered number one below, but it just didn’t work well with the layout of the room and the amount of space left there and was just a bit too modern for what we have going on, so now I am thinking about going for something a bit more casual, maybe a sling chair like this.

Tell me, can a house ever have too many accent chairs? I am trying to convince hubby that we need one in every room :)

10 gorgeous modern accent chairs Source: 1.|2.|3.|4.|5.|6.|7.|8.|9.|10.

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3 Responses to “10 gorgeous accent chairs”
  1. Ju says:

    I like that you’re looking for furniture when I’m thinking about what to put in my own house, so practical to have your good taste 😉
    I love number 1, 6 and 10 ! I guess I’m attracted to natural colors. The problem is, when it’s only natural, you miss touches of colors… but I’m always scared of getting bored with colors.

    • audrey says:

      haha pretty convenient 😉 Glad I can help :) What I find with bigger color pieces is that you have to be 100% in love with it to commit to it – then you’ll rarely regret it. Until then, you can always go neutral and add pillows etc for color!

  2. emily says:

    really love number 2! I love that it comes with an ottoman for really relaxing, and the color is fantastic too!