DIY row of wallpaper houses – removable!

DIY row of houses using removable wallpaper

Guys, I am telling you: there is nothing like putting a pregnant woman in her new home. She’ll go into crazy mode nesting habit and get all sorts of stuff done 😀 Oh my friends, I am whipping this house into shape like nobody’s business – the basement renovation into a media room, setting up the girls in their new bedroom, oh and I haven’t told you yet that I am working on setting up my new office in the house….among (a few) other things. It’s like my brain wants this house 200% for when the baby arrives – never mind that most of these changes have nothing to do with the baby itself 😉 I am no foul though, I know that the burst of energy I have right now ain’t gonna last so I take full advantage of soon. Soon enough all you’ll find me doing is eating ice cream on the couch while watching re-runs of Ally McBeal.

Anyhow. The big girls’ room is almost finished – a detail here and these and I’ll be sharing the full room with you in a couple of weeks- and today I want to show you this fun little row of wallpaper houses I put in their room using removable wallpaper from Spoonflower. It was so easy to set up (DIY how to at the bottom of the post) and is a major hit with the girls – it makes the whole room so cheerful and I love how it calls for their imagination!

DIY row of houses using removable wallpaperDIY row of houses using removable wallpaperDIY row of houses using removable wallpaperDIY row of houses using removable wallpaper

I set up a little wooden ledge right at the bottom the houses so that they can put their toys and pretend the houses form a little town.  I often catch them making a little mouse go to school or a mama rabbit head to the market :) Olivia mostly displays her horse collection up there – that girl and her horses, unstoppable! Of course Freia loves to come to her big sisters’ bedroom and knock all of the toys down :)

DIY row of houses using removable wallpaperDIY row of houses using removable wallpaperDIY row of houses using removable wallpaperDIY row of houses using removable wallpaper

The best thing about this project is you can easily adapt it to your own space – just decide on the length of the row your need, pick the colors and patterns that go for your little one’s room and you’ll be on your way!

Because I wanted to use several patterns, I kept the houses very simple in shape. I simply hand-drew them and they are a little crooked but I love them for it. I went for a mix of gold yellows, soft and hot pinks, and bits of green and grey. I really love how it turned out! Spoonflower has so many options for patterns, and I even started to design my own  – the wallpaper that has the bits of green and red is mine. So fun!

What you need
What you do

1. Hand-draw your wallpaper houses and cut them out with scissors. Don’t worry about making perfectly straight houses – crookedness adds whimsy :) My houses vary in size, the smallest ones are 3 inches tall and the tallest about a foot tall. Cut out doors and windows.

2. Apply your houses on clean wall – the method will vary depending on the removable wallpaper you use, for mine I activated the glue using water. Make sure to get rid of any air bubble as you go. I slightly spaced out my house, 1/4 of an inch or so.

row of wallpaper houses how to 1

3. Cut your wood stud in the length of the row of houses you are making, and as needed prime and paint in the color of your choice. Using a caulk gun, apply liquid nail all along the edge of the stud.

row of wallpaper houses how to 2

4. Apply the stud right below the row of house, press and wipe off any excess liquid nail. Let dry. Et voila – you’re done!

PS: If you don’t want to use liquid nails, you can screw your stud to the wall. Make sure to put anchors in your wall and pre-drill wholes in your stuff before screwing the stuff down. If your stud is less than a couple feet, 2 anchors should do – if any longer, make sure to use one screw every foot or so. Cover with a wood plug or wood putty/paint so you don’t see the screws.

DIY row of houses using removable wallpaper

Disclaimer: Spoonflower partnered with me for this project and provided me with a few rolls of wallpaper. I received no compensation. All ideas and thoughts in this post are my own. All pictures by This Little Street.

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14 Responses to “DIY row of wallpaper houses – removable!”
  1. What a great idea!! I am loving that cactus wallpaper!

    • audrey says:

      Thanks Heather! So glad you like it :) I just set up the cactus wallpaper in my office downstairs also and it turned out great – I’ll show all soon :)

  2. This is the cutest thing ever! My daughter would love to have a row of wallpaper houses in her bedroom. The colors and patterns are so pretty and modern. Thanks for sharing this adorable project. Sharing on all of my social media. xo

    • audrey says:

      Aw thanks Katie! So glad you like it – I am sure your daughter would love it as much as mine!

  3. Ju says:

    I love how this decor turns out ! Congrats for this beautiful wallpaper of yours, you’re really gifted !

  4. Katie says:

    Great idea! I have to ask, where did you get your daughters tights! The bum!

  5. Miss Tiina says:

    This is so adorable!!!!

  6. The decals are adorable I am getting these and putting them above the bookshelves in the play area of our library. Great post, thanks for the decorating idea :)

  7. Home wallpaper can highlight the entire room and bring a complete makeover at a cost friendly value. It is extremely important to make a good research on choosing the right pattern of the wallpaper for every room. Ensure that you choose good quality wallpaper for the bathroom as it tend to be wet most of the time.

  8. Emily says:

    I love this! I loved little things as a kid and I think k my babe will too:) where are the baby’s tights from? I love them!

  9. CĂ©line says:

    Bonjour, je viens tout juste de dĂ©couvir ton blog, il est superbe! aurais tu des bonnes addresses pour ce genre de “removable wallpaper” en France? et j’adore les leggins aussi!!
    merci beaucoup!

    • audrey says:

      Bonjour Celine et merci! Je ne connais pas de source en France, mais je sais que Spoonflower envoie a l’international. Presque tous les mois ils ont un jour “free shipping” donc si tu t’inscris a leur newsletter tu peux commander sans frais de transport ce jour la :)

  10. Kalita says:

    Hi there,

    I came across this weeks ago and totally lost the reference! I kept going back to my history on Safari to see if I could find it! FINALLY i found it today.
    This is probably the most original idea I’ve found in the internet for a kids room.
    My daughter is 2 and we’re expecting our second daughter in September, so as you can imagine – nesting to its full potential!

    They are sharing a room in our new home and I wanted something whimsical and sweet to do but that wouldn’t require a lot of work (i.e. painting or wallpapering a whole wall). This is absolutely brilliant! LOVE the idea.
    Can I ask you where did you get the piece of wood from at the bottom of the little houses? I’m thinking about using picture ledges instead (but those might be a bit pricy)!



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