Friday DIY roundup

DIY roundup in salmon pink and grey

Alright, so in honor my big announcement on Monday, here’s a little roundup of DYs and recipes all in soft and bright pinks and happy yellow, in case you are looking for something to do this weekend :) We’ll be busy celebrating Freia’s very first birthday with lots of cake and family time! I can’t believe this little girl is one already! Have a great weekend, friends!

1. DIY gummy candy, craving some so bad!
2. How super cute is this polka dot chair?! Find the DIY here.
3. Citrus cake is by far one of my favorite. So simple and sweet!
4. I want to find a way to make these little cactus houses! The girls would love that. 
5. Love this tote, perfect go to the farmers’ market.
6. Alright, absolutely need to try these blood orange and strawberry mousse tartlets!!! If only I could make them look this pretty.

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One Response to “Friday DIY roundup”
  1. Ju says:

    “The days are long (some of them at least ! Or maybe it’s the nights ;), but the years go fast…” It’s so TOTALLY true ! Happy birthday to your sweet little Freia !
    The tote bag DIY is calling me… but I definitely have NO TIME right now (working as a free lance with 3 children… guess who’s staying at home working on a bank holiday and is going to do so the whole weekend ?)
    I hope you’re fine !