DIY giant wallpaper stickers – *boys* edition

free printable giant wall stickers

Here they are here they are!

So many of you have been asking me for *boy* stickers after I made my first giant wallpaper stickers using Spoonflower‘s removable wallpaper for the girls last year….well, I say it was about time I deliver! I really don’t mean to leave our little dudes on this blog’s sidelines, it’s just that with three girls at home….well, the road usually takes me via Pink lane, Pixie Dust alley, Flamingo road, and Unicorn avenue….oh we go different paths and talk spaceships and go camping and build with hammers and nails…..but guess what, girls will be girls :)

But today, let’s switch gears shall we? I’ve got some bears, foxes, eagles, dinosaurs and whales stickers for you!

DIY giant wall stickers using removable wallpaperremovable wallpaper from Spoonflowerremovable wallpaper to make your own giant wall stickersfree printable giant wall stickers

I created templates that you can download for each of them – download at the bottom of the post. Quite frankly, I think boys and girls would love these. I make them quite big – but if you want them even bigger for your walls just drop me an email and I’ll send you what you need 😉 I was planning on also making pirate ship + treasure island stickers for this edition, but I ran out of time. Next edition – if you guys are interested at all?

DIY giant wall stickers using removable wallpaper

Directions are exactly the same as last time but I included them in this post again. Have fun! Oh, and if you are interested, you can still download the flamingo, unicorn, bambi, cat and bunny wall stickers I made last year – just go to this post :)

What you need

DIY giant wall stickers with removable wallpaper

What you do

1. Download the printable of the animal you want and print out the pdf – download links right after the “how to” section. Tip: if you are quite the artist, skip the downloads and draw your own shapes directly on the removable wallpaper :)

2. Assemble the printed animals like a puzzle using the numbers to make the shape of the animal, attach the pieces together where the shapes join with tape so that you have one big animal (skip this step for the fish), then cut out the outline.

DIY giant wall stickers using removable wallpaper

3. Put your animal on your wallpaper and draw the outline on your wallpaper. For the bear, you will need to cut two pieces of wallpaper side my side as it’s the widest animal. Make sure to align the pieces of wallpaper and tape them together to get the pattern right before you start tracing/cutting. Some of the other stickers are wider than the width of the wallpaper (tail won’t fit) – just cut the body and use some of the scrap to cut the small missing part. Again, make sure the patterns match.

Another tip: I like to draw on the front of the wallpaper so that I know that I am aligning with the pattern correctly.  Use a pencil rather than a pen so you can erase any visible line if needed.

4. Cut out your shape in the removable wallpaper.

5. Spray water on the back of your animal to activate the glue, and apply your sticker on a dry, clean wall. Tip: to avoid air bubbles smooth the first stroke down the centre & smooth outwards from here. If you see a bubble forming, simply lift the wallpaper just beyond the bubble & re-smooth over.

6. Et voila, you’re done! When you child gets tired of the stickers, simple spray the sticker with water – it will dissolve the glue and you’ll be able to easily take down the stickers without any damage to your walls :)

DOWNLOAD the templates for the wall stickers:

For US printers:

bear sticker US printer
fox sticker US printer
eagle sticker US printer
T rex dino sticker US printer
long neck dino US printer
whale sticker US printer
fish sticker US printer

For international printers:

bear sticker International printer
fox sticker international printer
eagle sticker international printer
T rex dino sticker international printer
long neck dino international printer
whale sticker international printer
fish sticker international printer

Please note: These animal templates are free for personal use only, not for commercial use. You can print as many as you like for yourself or as a gift to someone, but you are not allowed to sell these in digital or print form, nor to distribute it in its original or in an altered form.

If you’d like to share some images of these giant wall stickers, on Pinterest, social media, in a blog post… Well, thank you so much! Please feel free to use some images, but please credit and link back to this page. Please do not distribute the calendar from your site and please do not link directly to the file- instead, please link back to this page. Thank you so much!

Disclaimer: Spoonflower partnered with me for this post and provided me with a few rolls of wallpaper. I received no compensation. All ideas and thoughts in this post are my own. All pictures by This Little Street.

make giant wall stickers using removable wallpaper + free printables

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9 Responses to “DIY giant wallpaper stickers – *boys* edition”
  1. emily says:

    these are the coolest, and you picked the best patterns!

  2. Nina says:

    Oh j’adore la baleine et les petits poissons ^^

  3. Debbie Farag says:

    Fantastic idea. Thank you very much for sharing.

  4. Dani says:

    What are the dimensions that you used for the eagle, fax & bear?


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