Love is stronger than hate

It’s been a week today since the horrible events started in my home country. It was surreal to see these events unfold in my home country, and completely shook me. I don’t know if it had an impact on your guys, but for me it’s been a week a crying and asking questions. A lot of them still don’t have an answer, but I know one thing: killing another human being is never. Ever. ok.

Journalists went to some high schools in Paris after the events and got a few answers like: “Well, they deserved it” or “Ok, maybe killing 12 was a bit much, maybe they could have killed the main guy only.” What the what? It makes me SO angry to even hear this type of comment. The world we live in scares me. The task ahead is a complicated one, and the road is bound to be long, but as Charlie wrote on one of their front page in 2011 (after their offices were bombed), love is stronger than hate. It really is, and together we can solve this.


Lettering by Jessica from Coco & Mingo and artwork by me. 

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3 Responses to “Love is stronger than hate”
  1. Nina says:

    Ca a été une semaine difficile en effet… Je me suis rendue compte jour après jour que j’avais été bien plus touchée que je ne l’imaginais. Je réfléchis beaucoup depuis quelques jours, beaucoup d’émotions contradictoires cohabitent en moi… Je lis beaucoup d’articles sur le sujet, exprimant divers points de vue, et la seule conclusion que j’ai tiré de tout ça c’est que c’est le bazar dans ma tête. Moi qui ne suis généralement pas très optimiste sur l’avenir de notre société, ces événements n’ont pas aidé…

  2. Ju says:

    Charlie Hebdo’s journalists managed to work so as there’s an issue today (sold out in a few hours if not in a few minutes in railway stations. I tried to get one at 9.00, it had been sold out since 8.02 ! I bought the ‘Canard Enchaîné’ instead, I guess they’ll be sold out soon as well, a lot of people did the same spontaneously !); there were more than 4 million people in the streets last Sunday; I live in a village of 2000 inhabitants, the mayor organised a gathering last Saturday and it seemed the whole village was here, there was no space left in the park behind the building: old people, middle age people, and also (and above all) young people, children. Our children.
    Let’s focus on the people (the majority) who’s still in shock and who absolutely despise this behaviour so as to keep Hope. It’s been the craziest week of my life, I cried a lot (first time in 3 years I hated working alone at home).
    Of course it’s crazy, of course it’s scary. But the People’s reaction to gather and stay united, more united than ever, is the key. That’s what we need to keep in mind. We also need to offer teachers a specific education so they know what to say to the kids, how to debate about it. A lot of work must be done as well in prisons… Such important issues.
    I’m still in shock. But Charlie’s front cover made me smile, and will always do so, I hope so. xx

  3. Hilma Jones says:

    Dear Audrey:

    Knowing you are French, I searched for your wonderful blog to see if you’d written about the horrible events in Paris last week.

    I was extremely disappointed that my own country did not send at least our Vice President to walk with Francoise Hollande. Having been through 911, I remember the fear, the insecurity we all felt in any size gathering. We still feel this. I feel such sympathy for the French citizens. We need to…we have to…stand together against such terror.

    I had goosebumps watching the events in Paris this last weekend…to see the civilized world come together…in the Place du la Republic (please excuse my spelling)…birthplace of many of the ideas set in place in the founding of America…especially…liberty. To me, last Sunday was a day for the history books, a day that will change the world.

    To do something, I added the JeSuisCharlie app to my cell phone. Last Sunday, there were 41,000 apps downloaded. It’s been very gratifying to see the numbers expand. I understand Twitter does a better job at this…but I’m just not a Twit(ter) yet!!

    Sending sympathy and love to you, it has to be very difficult to be away from your home country when such terrible things happen.