DIY pompom picnic throw

Raise your hand if like me you don’t want summer to end! It’s been so nice to take it slow and just hang out with my little family. One of my favorite ways to make summer last a bit longer is to have picnics (just like this one) way into the fall until the rain comes…and even then… I am pretty unstoppable when it comes to picnics :) Anyhow, today I wanted to share a little tutorial for bright and cheerful picnic throws with pompoms, to make each of your summer picnics a little celebration. Because, duh, pompoms. Come on, look at these guys and tell me they don’t make you smile :)

These are especially great if you are planning a little picnic party and want to add a little whimsy. Maybe a birthday in the park? Or a movie night with friends in your backyard? I’ll definitely be using these next year when we celebrate the girls’ birthdays! Olivia was all over the throw with the golden pineapples….that’s my girl 😉 I love that print too.

This project is a very easy sewing project – perfect if you are just starting or want to get into sewing! You’ll get a lot of practice sewing in straight lines here. I used Spoonflower‘s new eco canvas –  the colors are so vibrant, the fabric has a great weight to it, and will hold up really well being thrown on the ground and washed many times. I also LOVE the endless pattern options that they offer!

The pompoms are also super simple to make, they take 5 minutes. The pompoms are clipped on the throw, so that when it gets dirty – and it will if you’re doing your job right :) – you can just take them off and put the throw in the wash. Et voila! You can also remove the pompoms whenever you want to pack the throw in a smaller bag without room for the pompoms.

 What you need

What you do

1. Fold the sides to form the hem. Fold short edges first and then fold the longer edges as in picture one. Pin in place.

2. Sew into place with a basic stitch.

3. Make the pompoms. Cut a long piece of string (one foot or so) and tie around your ball of yarn, straight in the middle.

4. Cut your ball at each end to let the yarn loose. You will end up with an uneven pompom as in picture 5.

6. Trim down the strings of wool until the pompom looks even to you.

7. Attach the pompom to the big safety pin, and pin a pompom to each corner of your throw.

Disclaimer: Spoonflower sent me a few yards of eco canvas fabric to complete this project. I was not compensated in any other way. All ideas, words and pictures are my own. 

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5 Responses to “DIY pompom picnic throw”
  1. Jessica says:

    Oh my gosh! This is seriously the cutest project ever. Also, what I love about this, is that I’m sure those big pom poms help (maybe a little?) to hold the blanket down when the wind blows! Spoonflower is seriously the best, right?! I recently heard about them during my trip to Hawaii, and can’t get enough! And it looks like Olivia is loving these blankets :)

  2. I love love love (did I mention love?) these pom pom idea! It is adorably perfect for those windy days of being at the park flying kites. Hmmm, I may even attempt to make my own (maybe, or just keep staring at your adorable ones!).

    • audrey says:

      haha you are funny :) You should make one – or just add pompoms to one to already one. They are super easy to make!

  3. Rosalyne says:

    Hi, love your idea if it gets a bit more blowier thin pegs can be inserted into the pins and ground to stop the edges knocking drinks ect over.