Pictures are like great wine….

…the more time passes, the more priceless they become.

My photographer friend Alicia (who also photographed our family picnic) snapped this picture of me and the bump when she visited us in California last April. Alicia tried to send me the picture before Freia was born, but her message landed straight in my spam folder and I only got it now. And in a way I am glad I only saw it now, because I am sure if I had seen the picture then, I would only have talked about how tired I was and how big I looked – when really, duh, I was fiiiiiiiiiine…but when you’re pregnant you often mix up how you feel and how you look. Three months later this pictures is so much more special – all I see is time, stopped. A slice of my life as we knew it a few months ago. And I know this picture is only going to get more and more special as the years pass and the girls get big.

It’s my favorite thing about photography: bottling up that time so you can enjoy it for years to come.

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6 Responses to “Pictures are like great wine….”
  1. Nina says:

    Quelle superbe photo! Tu es rayonnante dessus, franchement je n’arrive pas à croire que tu aies été fatiguée durant ta grossesse!

    • audrey says:

      Lol merci…et pourtant! 😀 Je preferes milles fois maintenant que Freia est arrivee! Fatigue de la nuit, mais au moins mon corps recupere petit a petit!

  2. alethea says:

    Beautiful photo:)

  3. Gabie says:

    It is indeed a very nice picture !