DIY Eiffel tower ring dish {guest post by Aileen from At Home in Love}

Baby Freia arrived on May 9th, so while I take some time to rest and bond with my little girl, an amazing group of blogger friends is helping “fill in the gaps”. Enjoy their amazing posts!

Hello, This Little Street readers! I’m Aileen from At Home in Love, and I’m really excited to be guest posting here today. DIY projects are my favorite, especially really simple ones that take hardly any time at all–so I knew I wanted to put together a little DIY for Audrey. I’ve had the idea for this one ever since I saw the landmark ring dishes at Anthropologie. I finally gathered all the supplies the other day and made my own landmark ring dish! I live in Seattle, so I originally wanted to do a Space Needle, but I couldn’t find one that was the right size. Then I came across this mini metal Eiffel tower on Amazon, and decided that would be even more perfect (since Audrey is from France, after all)!

You will need:

Mini landmark figurine – $3.18 on Amazon
Appetizer plate – 50 cents from Goodwill
Acrylic paint

To make this, paint your figurine and appetizer plate in the color(s) of your choice.

Once the base coat on the plate has dried, paint a design on top. It could be anything! For my pattern, I decided to go with some imperfect, painterly dots. I think this would be a fun project to do with little girls, so they could make their own patterned ring dishes for their jewelry.

Wait for the paint to dry, then put a couple dots of superglue on the bottom of your figurine and press it carefully in the middle of the plate.

Once the glue is set, your ring dish is ready to be used! If you like it…you should put a ring on it!

Thanks so much to Audrey for having me on her blog! See more of my DIY projects and inspiration on At Home in Love.

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3 Responses to “DIY Eiffel tower ring dish {guest post by Aileen from At Home in Love}”
  1. audrey says:

    Thanks you so much my dear Aileen for the lovely DIY! it is so cute – I mean, you can’t go wrong with a hot PINK Eiffel tower. Maybe I’ll send it in as a suggestions to the mayor of Paris for the next time they have to paint it 😉 xxx

  2. Thanks for sharing this Audrey!!

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