{live here, eat that} berry purple

L:Jenny’s house via Dos Family & Hus o Hem|R: Meringue blackberry & blueberry tart by My Little Fabric

Last week somehow my husband’s coworkers ended up finding my blog somehow, and apparently they were a bit dumb-founded – they said “YOU? You LIVE there?” As in “You, the super masculine geek that you are? You sit in a bright green couch covered in flowery pillows while a flower-wearing lama’s looking at you from the walls covered with more flowers?“. Haha. Poor husband. I do put him through a lot, I have to give him credit – By the way, he has given me a warning that someday I will come back home and the lama will be GONE 😉 But the thing is….we’re only getting started here, honey. Like, you see that gorgeous purple table that Jenny from Dos Family has in her house? Someday hubby will come home and he’ll find our table painted some awesome crazy color too – only as a payback for taking my lama away 😉

In any case, today I wanted to show you the pictures of the crazy fun house of Jenny from the awesome blog Dos Family. Jenny’s not afraid to dare with colors and mix & matching furniture and quirky pieces, and I love it. Also a big fan of all the artwork, prints and photographs she put up on her walls – a lot of black and white, simple pieces that contrast perfectly with the bright colors of her furniture. And that giant world map! And hello, did I mention the awesomeness of that purple table already? 😉

And talking about purple – it’s berry season guys! Which means the perfect time to make this gorgeous meringue blackberry and blueberry tart by My Little Fabric. Yumminess!

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5 Responses to “{live here, eat that} berry purple”
  1. Anny says:

    Beautiful Blog!!
    Love all the colours And ideas.

  2. Soaz says:

    J’adore la carte du monde sur le mur du salon. Je prends note pour plus tard… :)

  3. Love the world map wall and the wood stove! Definitely wish I could call that space my home.