DIY giant animal wall stickers (with free printables)

Oh you guys I am so excited to share today’s DIY with you – giant animal wall stickers that I made with removable wallpaper for the girls bedroom! And the best thing, I am included free animal printable for you guys so you can just make these at home in just a few easy peasy steps – if you can trace and cut, you can easily do this! The girls went absolutely nuts when I put these up on their walls, and I loved them so much too that I had to put a couple flamingos in my own bedroom 😉

You guys loved the pics of my wallpapered living room and entrance + tips I shared a couple weeks ago – that removable wallpaper is seriously DA bomb and I just had to use it upstairs too! A while back I saw these giant animal stickers, but they are only available in the Netherlands (and a bit expensive for my wallet) – and so there I went finding a way to make my own. And I am so happy that Spoonflower, the company that sells the  removable wallpaper I used downstairs agreed to jump with me on this projects and send me a few 1/2 rolls of gorgeous wallpaper to try out my idea!

When I asked the girls what animals they wanted in their bedroom, the first thing they screamed was: “A UNICORN!!!!!”. Poor little girls, they still think that we’re going to see unicorns next time we go to the zoo. I keep telling them they don’t really exist, but it just goes out the other ear :) They also asked for a bambi and some flamingos….which I am really glad they did because I wanted some for myself 😉  So there, we ended up doing a tower of unicorn/bambi/flamingo on one wall, and I put another bambi and a mama rabbit with her babes in another wall :)

Now – I know these stickers are more geared towards little girls. Would you guys by chance be interested in another round of giant stickers, more “boy” friendly stickers? Thinking bears, lions, foxes, etc – although really I know my girls would be happy with all these animals…..anyway, let me know what animal you’d like in the comment section if I do a round 2 for you guys :)

What you need

What you do

1. Download the printable of the animal you want and print out the pdf – download links right after the “how to” section.

2. Assemble the printed animals like a puzzle using the numbers to make the shape of the animal, then cut out the outline and attach the pieces together with tape so that you have one big animal (skip this step for the rabbits & cat).

3. Put your animal on your wallpaper and draw the outline on your wallpaper. For the unicorn, you will need to cut two pieces of wallpaper side my side as it’s the widest animal. Make sure to align the pieces of wallpaper and tape them together to get the pattern right before you start tracing/cutting. Another tip: I like to use the front of the wallpaper so that I know that I am aligning with the pattern correctly. Use a pencil rather than a pen so you can erase any visible line if needed.

4. Cut out your animal in the wallpaper.

5. Spray water on the back of your animal to activate the glue, and apply your sticker on a dry, clean wall. Tip: to avoid air bubbles smooth the first stroke down the centre & smooth outwards from here. If you see a bubble forming, simply lift the wallpaper just beyond the bubble & re-smooth over.

6. Et voila, you’re done!

DOWNLOAD the free animal templates

Please note: These animal templates are free for personal use only, not for commercial use. You can print as many as you like for yourself or as a gift to someone, but you are not allowed to sell these in digital or print form, nor to distribute it in its original or in an altered form.

If you’d like to share some images of these giant wall stickers, on Pinterest, social media, in a blog post… Well, thank you so much! Please feel free to use some images, but please credit and link back to this page. Please do not distribute the calendar from your site and please do not link directly to the file- instead, please link back to this page. Thank you so much!

Disclaimer: Spoonflower partnered with me for this post and provided me with a few rolls of wallpaper. I received no compensation. All ideas and thoughts in this post are my own. All pictures by This Little Street.

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39 Responses to “DIY giant animal wall stickers (with free printables)”
  1. emily says:

    these are fantastic and fun! darling project.

  2. Anastasia says:

    These are genious and yes some “boy” animals would be great!

  3. Carlin says:

    yes please boy ones! I recently bought some fab decals for Hamish but alas they fall off all the time. Dinosaurs, amphibians, whales ….. planets? c xxx

  4. katrina says:

    I 2nd the boy ones!

    How about, old school robot.

    Oh they would be so sweet!

  5. Shammara says:

    Sorry this is a few days past but would love some little boy stickers! I’m months behind putting stuff up in my little guys room. Of course he’ll try to pull them down but they are so fun. Great idea.

    • audrey says:

      haha, Shammara.Putting things up just takes time – it’s just the kind of things that we’ll do “tomorrow”, right?! I thought that ours would be down by now already with the girl, but they are holding up well and hopefully they won’t get the idea to pull on them too much 😉

  6. Jess Golden says:

    Love it! Thanks for posting! Truly a creative way to decorate. I think simple wall decals (with class) can really add life to any room. I recently bought some wall silhouettes (safari animals) from to dress up my boy’s room. What a difference! I was really pleased with them. Keep up the good ideas!

    • audrey says:

      you are so right, Jess – they can make a big difference! And I love that they can just be peeled off :)

  7. Gina says:

    This DIY is fantastic! Thanks for sharing! I would love to see a boy’s theme cut-outs.

  8. Molly says:

    What a cute idea, thanks so much for sharing! I’m definitely going to try the bunnies in my son’s nursery. Would love to see some “under the sea” options too, like maybe some fish, an octopus, and a starfish? So fun!

  9. Gina says:

    Fantastic! I order from spoon flower all the time. I didn’t realize they sold wallpaper. Is it removable?

    • audrey says:

      Yes, totally removable – that’s why I love using it since we’re renting! To take it off, you just remove it with water – get it all wet, peel it off and wash any remaining glue off the walls with water. Easy peasy!

  10. I absolutely LOVE this idea! Found you by way of Apartment Therapy. I know removable wallpaper is nothing new but as a renter I’m still a little freaked out about how it affects the paint underneath. How have yours held up?

    • audrey says:

      Hi Selena! I tested the wallpaper for a few days before putting it up, and for me no damage on the paint at all. THe glue washes off with water. If you are unsure, order some samples, put them up in a corner that’s out of the way for a week and take it off – see how your walls handle it :) xx

  11. Carrie Wragg says:

    That’s amazing!! Love this innovative home decors!!

  12. Kim Wilson says:

    thank you for including the stencils for this! My cutting skills are awful and I really want something like this on my niece’s wall. I thought at first that it was a wall mural you could just buy in the store, and then I realized you did it yourself! Amazing!

  13. Rachel says:

    Love this idea! I just DIYed some of those PomPoms you have pictures from tissue paper

  14. Rachel says:

    These are so cute! Thanks so much for sharing the templates. I would love to link to this if you didn’t mind!

    • audrey says:

      Of course, glad you want to! As long as you don’t share the entire tutorial on your blog, I’d be honored for you to link back :) Thanks Rachel!

  15. Linda says:

    Love the wall stickers, thankyou for sharing. Would LOVE some boy ones too, Please :)

  16. Carrie says:

    Love them! I’d love to make some nautical themed ones for my littlest’s room (whale, anchor, Loch Ness Monster….)

    • audrey says:

      Sounds great – second post in the works and I’ll have that ready for you guys in a few weeks! Thanks for the suggestions, really helpful!

  17. TabloStick says:

    these are fantastic great!

  18. ¿De dónde vienes con todas las ideas? Por cierto siempre increíble con tus trabajos! XD

  19. Gail Hedrick says:

    Thanks, This is great. You are wonderful to share.

  20. DecalsTree says:

    Why do I think I’ve seen this DIY wall stickers before? Do you have another blog or posted on other blog?

  21. Mary Lucy says:

    I would love to see some Baseball action silhouettes . Want to decorate my preteen Grandsons bedroom wall.

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