35 weeks pregnant + link love

Can’t believe we’re almost there! my oh my, can this belly of mine get any bigger? It doesn’t feel like it – but I guess I am wrong since baby girl is supposed to be in there for another month! I am definitely in penguin mode now – waddling is in full motion;) Let’s be real here – and don’t let the  above picture fool you- I am SO DONE physically. As much as I really enjoy being pregnant, at this point everything hurts and I can’t wait to feel comfortable in my own body again…feels like such a remote idea at this point! Just like with the girls, I keep having A LOT of contractions all the time and I keep wondering if that means she will come early like her sisters. it doesn’t matter, whenever she decides to show up, we’re 100% ready for her! I love to see the baby stuff that has popped up everywhere in our home – preparing for a new life, a new little person to join our family is one of the sweetest, most exciting thing. the nursery is almost done (can’t wait to share with you soon!). I am trying to wrap up my last big projects so that I can rest up in may before she arrives – which is SO hard because the urge to nap is getting bigger and bigger already!

Also, a link love with some of my favorite things this week! Happy Friday, and happy Easter, friends :)

♥♥ Easter bunny lollipops DIY.Because every treat tastes better dressed up as a lollipop. ♥♥

♥♥ Love more, worry Less ♥♥

♥♥ The most genius DIY kid toy: a plantable felt garden! ♥♥

♥♥ Must have for the beach this summer! ♥♥

♥♥ Crazy about photography? Win a Canon Rebel T3i on my friend Jessica’s blog here! ♥♥

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14 Responses to “35 weeks pregnant + link love”
  1. Look at you, you gorgeous lady!! Oh, I can only imagine how tiring it must be at this point, but you’re almost there! So excited for you and can’t wait to see the nursery when it’s done! :) Great links – that plantable felt garden is the cutest!!! (and thanks for sharing about the giveaway, lovely friend!) xo

  2. You look so beautiful…

  3. Gloria says:

    Yaaay you’re almost at the finish line :-) Have a good weekend, lady!

  4. Alex says:

    Oh you look stunning! I am only 30 weeks pregnant (also with a baby girl – my second one :)) and feel the same already! All the best to your lovely family. Can’t wait to see the nursery :)

    • audrey says:

      Thanks Alex :) Hope the last trimester treats you well….well, as much as a third trimester can 😉

  5. Ju says:

    I feel for you so much ! I was breastfeeding in bed this morning, and I was so thankful for having my own body back now, because as much as I loved being pregnant, I just couldn’t bear it anymore at the end, this is so paradoxical…
    Good luck for the last weeks, I know so much how tiring and frustrating it finally becomes. Should I tell you that I had like a hundred contractions a day and thought baby would show up early…. and that she arrived the day after the due date ? It was getting soooo long ! (But when she decided to show up, that was a quick job, done in a few minutes, the best reward for such a long time waiting !)
    You look fantastic ! It’s great to have pictures like this, such a beautiful memory. When you look at it later, you’ll have totally forget these ‘hard’ days (and will maybe head for a 4th littke one ???!!!). I hope you can be on maternity leave soon. I work at home as well and was only on leave 2 weeks before the due date. That’s when I realised that it was quite late actually, and it felt VERY relaxing to at least be able to focus exclusively on my family and bump.
    Good luck !
    Oh and I can’t wait to have a glimpse at your nursery 😉
    Have a lovely weekend.

    • audrey says:

      haha Ju – yes, also having a 100 contractions a day! Since the girls arrived early part of me expects her to arrive early too…..but I know that’s exactly when you expect that, that the opposite happens! I need to manage my expectations so I don’t go crazy if she doesn’t show up until the end of May 😉 Have a lovely lovely weekend, Ju!

  6. Nina says:

    Effectivement, difficile de croire que tu es fatiguée, tu es superbe sur cette photo! C’est un autre de mes “cauchemars de grossesse” ça, le fait de plus pouvoir rien faire de son corps, même pas d’attacher ses lacets!… Mais bon, viendra bien un jour où je serai prête!
    J’ai adoré ce DIY de jardin en feutrine, vraiment c’est trop mignon! Ca m’a rappelé un patit atelier couture que j’avais fait l’an dernier où j’avais fait un radis en feutrine et ma coloc une carotte. A la base c’était un atelier pour enfants mais on y est allées quand même! (enfin c’est surtout moi qui était motivée!)

    • audrey says:

      Et pourtant, si tu savais 😉 La magie des photos! DIis-moi ca m’avait l’air sympa ce petit atelier – j’en fais pas assez, des ateliers comme ca, je devrais! Enfin, quand j’aurai le temps quoi…

  7. Tina George says:

    Hi Audrey, the photo is great and your bump is nice and big. Hope you are so exited to welcome your little angel. A regular little workout can help you have a shorter labor and it also help to lose your baby weight quickly after delivery. Avoid junk food, stick to a diet plan maintain good weight. Sometime weight gain during pregnancy than the recommended weight may influence child obesity risk. Good Luck