Santa Cruzing

It’s Friday, friends, want to do the happy dance with me? :) Any fun plans for you? So happy it’s the weekend, even though we’ll spend most of it cleaning up around the house before my in-laws arrive from Denmark on Sunday. Whatever, I don’t really mind because I am still on a high from our lovely birthday celebration/babymoon/last family of 4 gateway weekend to Santa Cruz.

Have any of you guys ever been to Santa Cruz? We’d been wanting to go ever since we moved to California, and had such a great time! We went in without much of a plan, ate way too much bad food, enjoyed the sun and these little girls of ours. We went to the famous Santa Cruz  boardwalk (I’m sure you must have seen pics of it on Pinterest) and had a blast. I mean, hello funky colorful rides straight out of the 80s  😉

We also did a lot of chilling by the pool because, well, there ain’t any baby stopping us right now! It will be a different story in a few weeks 😉 I read my favorite magazines and ordered one (virgin) drink after another and totally forgot about the busyness of the world. I hardly saw the girls because they spent the entire time swimming around with their dad. Little Fish they are :) I don’t think that Madeline removed her sunglasses for a minute the entire weekend, even to go in the water. Child, you are so funny.

On Sunday we cruised along the coast and stopped at one of my favorite places on Earth, Swanton strawberry farm – we went there for the first time last fall after our camping trip and we couldn’t drive by and not stop. That place is so good for the soul. You make your won change. You hang out and play game. You find dollar bills that say “Not to be used for bribing politicians”. Oh, and you eat yummy strawberry everything- fresh strawberries, strawberry shortcake, strawberry lemonade.

Every time we step out of the Bay area (which is beautiful itself), we have to keep pinching ourselves that we actually live here, in this gorgeous region. Instant vacation feeling wherever we drive. We can’t wait to explore California some more.

Thank you Santa Cruz – you were so good to us!

Credit: All photography by Audrey | This Little Street. Picture of me by This Little Hubby 😉 Pregnancy swimsuit and sunhat from Target

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15 Responses to “Santa Cruzing”
  1. Isabelle says:

    My favorite post of yours!

    • audrey says:

      Aww thanks Isabelle! I do love the colors in these pictures so much. I think I need to make a little book with these pictures :)

  2. Soaz says:

    J’adore!!!! sublime :) Tu m’étonneras toujours! je ne suis jamais lassée par tes photos ma Gogole. Bravo!

    • audrey says:

      Merci ma potatoes! Mais les tiennes elles sont pas mal non plus, dans le genre 😉 Des bisous!

  3. Elena says:

    Hello Audrey,
    I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how amazing I think your blog is. I have recently discovered this little treasure, and can’t wait for every new post. You seem to really have it all together, it is so inspiring. I too am awaiting our third child, two girls and we were told a boy this time, but you never know right! I am probably a few weeks behind you, I’m about 31 weeks along. Thank you for sharing your amazing tips, I love everything you do, and your family is gorgeous. God bless the rest of your pregnancy and delivery. Please keep up the great work :)


    • audrey says:

      oh Elena, thank you so so much for your sweet note – your message made my day and I am smiling from ear to ear :) I am so glad that you like the blog! Congrats on baby #3 for you too – you must be due around June 20 or so, right? Good luck with the last few weeks – I can tell you I am definitely feeling them now, home stretch! Take care, Audrey

  4. Gloria says:

    Santa Cruz looks amazing! What a beautiful place to spend your birthday – yay!

  5. I’ve never been to Santa Cruz, but these adorable + colorful + fun photos make me want to go RIGHT NOW!! I LOOOVE that first photo of you and the girls, Audrey! You must frame it, it’s so sweet! This looks like the perfect summer trip – I’m glad you guys had what looked like a blast! I’ll be sure to keep Santa Cruz in mind whenever I come visit California…xoxo

    • audrey says:

      And how about you put Berkeley on your list of places to visit – because I’d love to see you 😀 xxx

  6. Nina says:

    Ce maillot de bain est magnifique :)
    Tu viens de rajouter une étape à mon futur road trip californien là! Bon, pour l’instant c’est un road trip imaginaire mais j’y pense tellement ces derniers temps que je vais bien finir par le réaliser!

    • audrey says:

      Lol j’ai envie d’etre a nouveau enceinte pour pouvoir le remettre ce maillot 😀 haha. Dixit la fille qui en a marre d’etre enceinte. Et puis t’as raison, faut rever, on sait jamais quand les reves vont se realiser 😀

  7. Erin fritts says:

    Hi there!
    Your blog is so cute!! Where did you stay in Santa Cruz?

    • audrey says:

      Thanks Erin :) We stayed at hotel Paradox, it’s a great hotel. Not in the most charming part of town, but a great place to relax! Next time we go to Santa Cruz I’d love to try a smaller B&B when it’s just hubby and I – it’s harder to do that with 3 kids 😉

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