Nursery update – our moodboard

Image by Tara Whitney.

You guys, I am in such a nesting frenzy that yesterday I pulled a muscle in my lower back while cleaning and moving things around. Hurst so bad, hubby had to help me walk to bed last night. Time for this mama to take a chill pill, apparently…but not before I finish our little girl’s nursery corner 😉 I shared my nursery inspiration with you a few weeks ago, so today I thought I’d show how my moodboard is progressing. I absolutely adore the picture above by Tara Whitney that I shared a couple years ago when I started the blog. It’s all about summer and not taking ourselves too seriously. And I love the colors too of course. So I used this picture to draw more inspiration for the nursery, and here is what I have now. I am still unsure how much yellow I am going to use – but tell me if you like it :)

1. Max Wanger ice cream photograph: I am a big fan of Max Wanger’s work, and this Ice Cream picture would be so sweet in the nursery. Love the simplicity of it.

2. Thick turquoise curtains: Yes, thick curtains, friends, because we’re going to need to make this room dark for the babe when we need to – mama likes her sleep you see, and that only happens if baby is sleeping :) I found this thick curtains at Ikea with a nice velvety feel, and I am pairing them with lighter white curtains when we need a bit more light in the room but still get privacy. Sanel curtains at IKEA.

3. Gold mushroom lamp: OK, so mushroom aren’t exactly your typical summer vegetable – but this Egmont lamp reminds me of a walk in the woods, one of my favorite thing to do in the summer :) At Pop-Line.

4. Muuto wall hooks: I’ve been eyeing at these fun wall hooks for a long time – they are both practical and decorative. At Smallable.

5. White modern crib: Love the look (and reasonable price) of the Babyletto Hudson crib. Modern look, clean lines, it’s also made from sustainable wood and converts into a toddler bed for when she grows up. Perfect!

6. Don’t grow up print: A nice reminder for her – and for us parents too :) Sadly I can’t find this Mini and Maximus print anywhere, I think it went out of print. Do I smell a little DIY art here?

7. Dipped stool: Stools are so fun and versatile – and I love this dipped version in mint. Out of my price range, but love the idea and the pop of color! At Crate Expectations.

8. Heart pillow: How sweet is this little pillow? And in my opinion, one can never put too many hearts in a baby nursery 😉 By Menina Lisboa.

9. Mid-century rocking chair: As I mention in my last post, our nursery is actually just a corner of our main bedroom – so space is of the essence. This rocker looks great, it also doesn’t break the bank and it’s small enough that it won’t take up too much space.

10. Fuzzy rug: because maybe, maybe it won’t be as hard to get up for night time feedings if my feet can feel something soft under them :) Thinking about DIYing this one to save up!

11. Large floor bin: cute storage is always a bin. This could hold our laundry, or maybe we’ll use it for toys as she grows up. By Ferm Living.

12. White dresser: one that can also double-serve as changing station. Sadly, this won’t fit into our room – but how I wish! Ikea Stockholm sideboard.

13. Cloud pillow: A little extra sweetness for this little girl :) By Blabla Kids.

14. Pretty crib sheets: I am going for simplified bedding with this nursery. No bumper, instead I am spending more money on super fun crib sheets so I can change up the look! Will share more on where I get my sheets soon.

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14 Responses to “Nursery update – our moodboard”
  1. Ju says:

    This is all very lovely, I like the idea of white as a background and touches of colour here and there, particularly with the crib sheets. That’s what I did here and I like it a lot for…. my little girl !
    I promised to let you know 😉 One day after the due date, our little Daphné arrived, and she’s perfect in every way. We’re over the moon, having this third child makes our family complete. It was great being pregnant, it’s even better now she’s finally here (should I mention it’s also a tiny bit tiring ? No, when it comes to the 3rd little one, you don’t even care about this kind of details, you take another sip of tea and ENJOY the very best parts of it all).
    So enjoy the end of your pregnancy (and take it easy on your back ! Ok, I did just the same so I can’t blame you, but try to rest a bit 😉
    I wish you all the best for the end of your pregnancy and can’t wait to see the result of your nursery corner, it’s going to be so lovely ! You’re on the way for such a super great adventure !

    • audrey says:

      Yaaaaay Ju 😀 I was thinking about you a lot these past few days, wondering if your little one had arrived. I almost emailed you but then I thought I’d just let you rest and send an update when ready. So so happy for you! A little girl too, that’s perfect – you’ve got your boys and they’ll take such a good care of their little sister. Not that 3 boys wouldn’t have been perfect also. I know what you mean about the end of pregnancy etc. At this point, I kinda want to zoom through the rest and have her in my arms, but I know I have to enjoy the last few weeks too :) xx

  2. Nina says:

    Ce coussin nuage avec le détail du mini-oiseau est TROP mignon! Très jolie palette de couleurs, et j’adore les motifs des tissus à la fin (oui, ça y est, j’ai commencé à coudre et je suis prise d’une passion dévorante pour les tissus!!!!)

    • Nina says:

      Et fais attention à toi! Tu vas avoir besoin d’être en pleine forme pour affronter tes trois filles prochainement 😉

      • audrey says:

        Et t’as raison – mon mari arrete pas de me le dire, de ralentir un peu, mais j’ai un peu la tete dure 😉

    • audrey says:

      Oui je suis moi aussi accro de jolis tissus – une facon simple de donner un peu de punch a une piece :)

  3. Gloria says:

    Yes to all of it – your baby is going to have the cutest room in town :-) That “don’t grow up” print made me laugh!

    • audrey says:

      well, we’ll see if the corner actually looks any close to this board when I am done 😉 I know, I love that print too, bummed I can’t find it anymore but I’ll find a way to make a different one with the same concept. xxx

  4. Sarah says:

    Everything looks so lovely but be careful, mamma! Take it a wee bit easy if you can and take care of your back,

  5. Kerry says:

    This is just about the cutest room concept I’ve ever seen, and I just love the inspiration behind it. I think something similar could be super cute in a grown up space, too!

    • audrey says:

      Thanks Kerry – and it’s funny you mention the grown-up space, because that was one of my priority, to find something that works for a little one and for adults since the nursery corner is our bedroom!

  6. Sarah says:

    This is gorgeous!!! Such wonderful ideas! Do you know where the fabric on the left is from by chance? I love it!

    • audrey says:

      No sorry I don’t unfortunately! These were all fabrics that Olive and Andrew (on Etsy) used to make her crib sheets, but her store doesn’t seem to be open anymore!