Happy shoes by Zuzii

Zuzii shoe collection

When I shop for the girls, I often think “Man, I wish I could buy that in my size!” – so much cute stuff out their for the kiddos. And that’s exactly what went through my mind when I saw Zuzii‘s shoe collection! Aren’t they the cutest little shoes? Hard to pick a favorite – the bright colors, polka dots, the stripes, the big bows. I used to not be a shoe kinda girl – but since I found a few fun pairs that I love last summer I am now a total a believer that shoes can make an outfit. I am thinking of getting Olivia these rad hot pink oxfords – this way she and I can match when I wear my own hot pink shoes from Boden :) Is it tacky when mama and daughter match? Happy Tuesday, friends!

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2 Responses to “Happy shoes by Zuzii”
  1. SO cute! I love all of them – esp the ones with polka dots! Plus, they look sooo easy to slip on those small little feet. I find that some shoes are so hard to get on kids’ feet! And omg – you NEED to get Olivia those hot pink oxfords so you guys can be twinsies!! Plus, they’re super cute. Enjoy your day, Audrey!

    • audrey says:

      the polka dots ones are also my favorites – I mean, how could they not. Just wait for these pink oxfords to pop up on my Instagram feed, shouldn’t be long 😉 xx