Friday night fun: pretty board games!

Happy Friday, friends! Any big plans this weekend? I am looking forward to catching up with hubby since he’s been in NYC all week, and have some good food with friends. Also taking a fashion design/sketching class on Sunday and I can’t wait to see what I get out of it! Our Friday nights are usually spent at home, chilling out. It’s our much needed catch up time after the usual hectic week, and now that the girls are getting bigger we’re starting new Friday night family traditions like playing board games . Of course, design freak that I am, I had to scout the internet for the pretty (and fun!)  family board games out there – here are my favorites! What’s your favorite game to play as a family?

1. Moon dominos by Fredericks & Mae
2. Retro memory game by Ingela Arrhenius.
3. Captain’s mistress strategy game.
4. Classic games redesigned by Sam Kittinger. Not for sale, sadly, but how I wish they were!
5. Jeu de 7 familles – a classic French card game that I used to LOVE playing when I was little (the goal is to gather up “families”), and this one is gorgeous  and illustrated by one of my favorite artists, Natalie Lété.
6. Nowhere to go – love the “madmen” feel of the box, and heard great things about the game

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2 Responses to “Friday night fun: pretty board games!”
  1. Gloria says:

    We have #3 :-) Family board game night sounds like a fun tradition to start!