Lover girl + link love

Olivia at school this week: “I love my mommy and my daddy and my baby and oranges”. Oranges, girl?!!! Haha. I am sure Madeline will appreciate being kicked off the list by some fruit 😉

How do you guys feel about all that Valentine’s day stuff that’s E.V.E.R.Y.W.H.E.R.E right now on blogs and Pinterest etc? To be honest with you, it’s been stressing me out a bit. I feel like I should be making V-day crafts all day long with my kids, have a very special handmade-gift-that-I-spent-hours-working-on-with-my-hot-glue-gun for hubby already wrapped up, and that our house should be covered in red and pink from top to bottom – although, I am accumulating LOADS of pink in the house right now per pics above, but more because of a certain nesting issue of mine…guess I am not tired of shopping for girls yet! Oh, and let’s not even talk about the non-existent V-day content on my blog so far…

Don’t get me wrong, I am a lover girl! It’s just that I’d rather be spending time with my loved ones creating new memories and covering them with real hugs and kisses, that’s my way of celebrating love. But, ok, if you REALLY want to send me a box of chocolates y’all, I won’t be against it 😉 

In other news – TGIF! It’s been a busy but awesome week for me. Hubby’s traveling non-stop, and I just finished a big deadline for a SUPER exciting project – can’t tell you much about it yet, all I can say is that it involves me and a book and that you’re going to love it! Thanks again for all of the feedback you guys keep giving me in the survey – it means more than you’ll ever know. I am writing all the ideas coming out of it down in my pretty pink notebook. I feel so pumped to really make this place an awesomer (that’s right) blog than it is. So hold on to your hats!

Have a great weekend, friends! xxx


A little link love…

♥ I‘d pretend to plan something like this for the girls. When really, it would be for me 😀

♥ Seeing my projects featured on Apartment Therapy not once but TWICE this week – here and here. Totally doing cartwheel 😀 Can you spy them?

♥ I couldn’t have said it better.

♥ In love with this planter. Yep. That’s right. I just put love and planter in the same sentence.

♥ Oh for heaven’s sake!


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10 Responses to “Lover girl + link love”
  1. Gloria says:

    Hahahaha poor Madeline! To be fair, oranges are pretty delicious :-) Congrats on the Apartment Therapy features!

  2. Bethany says:

    Ohh I want that fairy party for me, err, my daughter! I agree–all this Valentine’s Day stuff is making me anxious! I mostly just pin it and tell myself I’ll do it later. Typical.

  3. Nina says:

    OH MON DIEU ce gâteau!!!!! Je sens que je vais tester ça très prochainement!
    Si ça peut te rassurer, j’ai absolument rien prévu non plus pour la St Valentin. En France, tu le sais, la St Valentin, c’est une occasion commerciale de plus pour les fleuristes, les chocolatiers et les vendeurs de Nespresso (tout comme la fête des mères et des grand mères). Les fleurs et les chocolats, le champagne, les diners romantiques, je ne suis bien sûr pas contre, mais il n’y a pas que le 14 février pour faire ça non? 😉 Alors je suis un peu soulée par le matraquage publicitaire autour de la St Valentin (quoi que cette année c’est plutôt calme je trouve), donc je ne la fête pas vraiment (mais j’adore quand même voir tous les DIY et recettes pour deux proposés sur les blogs américains que je trouve plus créatifs que chez nous pour cette occasion en général). Pour tout te dire, cette année je vais voir un match de rugby avec mon homme et des potes pour la St Valentin, alors tu parles d’une soirée romantique! Bon, par contre je vais faire une pavlova à la demande de monsieur, ça rattrappe un peu le truc non?
    Merci de me suivre sur Instagram :) bon dimanche!!

    • audrey says:

      haha je guete ton instagram pour voir quand tu essaie le gateau 😉 Rugby moi je dis super, plein d’emotions et ca vous fera plein de beaux souvenirs, meme si pas trop trop romantique! Bon dimanche a toi!

  4. Sarah says:

    Oh my goodness! Those little baby clothes AND SHOES are beyond sweet! If those things don’t get you excited for bebe, I don’t know what will!

  5. Aww I feel exactly the same about all of that pink! I think I missed the memo. :) But I think 2 features on Apartment Therapy beats a blog full of Valentines projects any day!! Congratulations, lady!

    • audrey says:

      haha yeah, “missed the memo” is exactly how I feel! The holidays (apart from Christmas) is just not how I get inspired for DIYs for some reason. Xx