10 ideas for an beautiful fireplace


We never had a fireplace in our home until we moved to thus house. It’s big and very traditional, all wood…not very me at all! I want to give it a little something something special, find a way to make it stand out. I thought I’d share some of the ideas and inspiration I’ve gathered in case you’re in need of some inspiration as well. Especially if you’re snowed in and starting to have cabin fever – maybe giving your fireplace a facelift will make you want to hang around it a bit more? :)

1. Frame it with wallpaper. Bring some focus to your fireplace by framing it with a beautiful, bold wallpaper – create a frame for the frame, if you will. If you’re not sure about this, try it with removable wallpaper (Spoonflower has a ton of lovely patterns) and you can always get rid of it if you don’t like it!

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2. Paint it a bold color. Oh how I wish I could do this with ours! But I am afraid I would give our sweet sweet landlord a heart attack – she likes her traditional wood fireplace so much. Colors like pink, yellow, green transform a traditional fireplace into something bold and playful.

3. White wash it! If your chimney is made of bricks, white wash them – you’ll keep the lovely texture and have a chimney with a fresh new looks without having to do too much work. You can also paint the bricks white – you won’t keep as much of the texture/old look, but you’ll get a really clean look!

4. Fill up your fireplace with something unexpected. If your fireplace isn’t working – or you don’t care for it to work- don’t live it empty! Fill it up with logs (real or fake), or stack up books or magazines in it. You could even draw your own fake fire on a blackboard.

5. Display a collection. Do you have a bunch of pretty little vases  that are gathering dust in a cabinet? Or maybe a bunch of small art prints that you don’t know where to hang in your home? Set up a little collection display on the mantel.


6. Big art! Unless you are going to display a collection of smaller prints together, you should have big, bold art above your fireplace – something that will draw the eyes and don’t look like it’s getting lost above the fireplace.

7. Dare to mix old and new. Your husband wants  something more traditional and you want something for modern? Try to find compromise. For example, paint the bricks but keep a  wooden mantel, it will create a nice contrast and create some lines. I also love the idea in the last picture of this post – hang something very traditional like deer head, but bold color in the background. Such a fresh take on a classic!

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8. Put up a mirror. This is a great solution especially if the room is small – a mirror will make it feel a lot bigger! And again if you are going to hand a mirror above your fireplace – go big!

9. Forget the rules. Posts like this one will show to how to set up your mantel “properly” to give it a nice visual weight, but don’t feel like you have to fallow the rules. Keep things off centered to allow the eyes to wander a bit, and you fill like to need fillers if you big piece makes a nice statement on its own.

10. Don’t have one? Make one! Don’t have a fireplace? Why don’t you make one up?! Decorative fireplaces/mantels aren’t as hard to make as you’d think, and they’ll make a nice focal point in your living room. Check out this nice tutorial on how to build a decorative fireplace here.


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6 Responses to “10 ideas for an beautiful fireplace”
  1. Bethany says:

    Thank you for this! I have had fireplaces in the past (not currently, but we’re moving soon) and never know exactly how to handle them. Pinning this for future use!

  2. Eiguliai says:

    Who could thought that fireplace can become such a great accent without any fire! I agree that old fireplaces bring much more cosiness to the room than modern ones, especially when they are decorated like these :)

    • audrey says:

      Sometimes it is just a matter of putting our minds to it and thinking outside the box. But you are right, the fireplace is not always on our mind as something that can be the main accent in a room! And agree with you, I am more more an updated old fireplace than a modern one – so much more charm!

  3. Adam P. says:

    Hardly anything makes a home feel cozier than a crackling fire, hot tea and a good book, but I love these, even though there are no flames involved! The deer-one might be a bit too much for my taste but it is definitely unique! I have also seen fireplaces filled up Christmas lights-wrapped logs or vintage briefcases and wine bottles – very chic. The wallpaper idea is a really good one, since many people’s taste changes and evolves, so temporariness if needed is a safe option. Also for the hearts of some landlords! I have a working fireplace, probably because it’s electric. There is no real fire, but in all honesty, I rarely notice. A safer and a bit less smokey option was what I was aiming for. Today’s fireplaces can be both beautiful and functional, but I still think that the traditional brick fireplaces that burn wood breathe charm and nostalgia and that is why they are still so popular with people. Thank you for the makeover tips!

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