{live here, eat that} color burst

L: Norwegian home of Ingrid, blogger at Fjeldborg | R: Strawberry & lemon cupcakes in a jar by Glorious Treats.

First of all, let me start by saying how overwhelmed I’ve been by you guys’ answers to yesterday’s post! I can’t believe how many of you have taken the survey already, it’s been amazing to get your guys’ feedback and ideas about This Little Street for this big milestone. I promise to put all the feedback to good use :) If you want to take the survey, click here – you still have a few days!

Today another super colorful house for you all. Sorry, I just can’t help it – color just makes me so freaking HAPPY :) I’d move in a heartbeat, really. It’s a typical scandinavian home in the way that it uses white as a base color on the walls and floors – to make the most out of the little light that you get in Norway in the  winter days. The burst of colors, patterns and textures bring all that white to life. I love that this home is filled with cosy corners, and  tiny DIYs projects that make the house all that more unique.

I’ll let you soak in all of the images- what do you think? Too much color for you? 

Oh, and to go with this lovely home, how about a little cupcake in a jar – have you ever had one? Best party favors EVER 😀 Yum yum! I want to try these strawberry and lemon cupcakes in a jar by Glorious Treat – two of my favorite flavors combined, it can only be delicious! Happy Wednesday, friends!

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11 Responses to “{live here, eat that} color burst”
  1. Nina says:

    Oh là là j’adore cette maison!!! Je veux y emménager, là, maitenant, de suite! C’est typiquement ce que j’aime, un inétérieur scandinave avec des touches de couleur, du rose pâle, du moutarde, du bleu pâle, c’est la perfection!!! J’adore les petites photos dans la cuisine (je devrais faire pareil, avec toutes les photos que je prends de mes repas… Bonjour la dingue d’Instagram que je suis devenue!) et les livres classés par couleur! Merci pour ce superbe partage Audrey, et excellente journée :)

    • audrey says:

      Trop d’accord avec toi pour les photos dans la cuisine! Si seulement je faisais des jolis photos de ce que je mange….et que je cuisinais plus 😉 C’est quoi ton instagram au fait? Bonne journee :)

      • Nina says:

        C’est @crazygreenfruits, je me retiens vraiment de poster des photos de tous mes repas parce que sinon ma coloc se moque de moi mais j’ai beaucoup de photos en stock ^^

  2. This is my dream home – majority white and bright but with so many beautiful pops of color everywhere!! Seriously, you’ve put me in a dreamy, happy place for the rest of the day…which is a good thing because it’s so snowy and gloomy outside! I must escape back into these photos now….

    • audrey says:

      I agree, perfect home! I love pretty much every single thing that she put in it – it’s curated so perfectly, and with all these cosy nooks everywhere I could actually picture myself living there – which I can’t say of all the beautiful homes that I feature. Try to enjoy the snow 😉

  3. Savage Seeds says:

    Wow! I LOVE IT! So bright and fun!

    • audrey says:

      I agree with you! My favorite? Probably her cup collection! It’s crazy good, and makes such a nice statement in her home! xx

  4. georgia says:

    such a beautiful house! We are going to move within a pair of months, so this post was (again) very helpful! i love your blog! http://mygenerouslife.blogspot.it/

    • audrey says:

      So glad you like the blog gorgeous – made my day to hear that! Good luck with the move, hope you find loads of inspiration to create a happy home for yourself :)

  5. seriously obsessed with the colorful coffee cups and dishware this home has. Amazing.