Boy or girl? It’s a….

You guys have been emailing me and messaging me on Facebook – what stalkers you all are, this baby is sure getting a lot of attention :) Thanks so much for all of your messages, it made my day! I wanted to post yesterday but was too jet-lagged and crashed at 7:30pm right after I put the girls to bed. So anyway, now you know!

Yesterday was an amazing day – my little Olivia turned 4 (so big already!) and we went for our anatomy ultrasound with her as a birthday treat so she could see the baby…and we found out we are having another GIRL!!! A lot of you had voted for a boy last Friday but it’s going to be full on Pink Power in da house. And she is healthy, so we couldn’t be happier. To tell you the truth, hubby and I had secretly wished third baby would be a boy – to add a little blue in the mix, you know 😉 But after hearing the news we were like “Awesome! A girl….that we know how to handle at least ;)” It’s going to be so much have having all these sweet little girls at home. Last night I overheard Olivia say to Madeline ” We’re having a little sister, aren’t you happy?!” Happy happy Tuesday, friends!

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12 Responses to “Boy or girl? It’s a….”
  1. That is wonderful news Audrey, congrats!! Glad everyone is happy and healthy :)

    • audrey says:

      Thanks Rachel :) We’re really super happy – and now I can fully plan the nursery, even if we staying on a “gender neutral” road! I’ll email you so we can get together soon :)

  2. Line says:

    Congratulations! you make such beautiful girls, so can’t wait for one more.
    Maybe we should have another boy, just to even out;-)
    Love Line

  3. Such sweet news, Audrey!! Congratulations, so happy for you!! Wishing you the best…you’re in store for so much girly fun!!! :)

  4. vika moka says:

    Wow, a 3rd little girl, so great! Makes me wish I had more than one sister! I absolutely love my sister but it would be so much fun to have more :)

    • audrey says:

      Your comment makes me so happy we’re having more kids :) It’s definitely more work for the parents, but I think in the end it’s so much more love for everybody and so worth it! xx

  5. Ju says:

    I was right :)
    I’m so overwhelmed by your news (must partly be the hormones 😉 I wish you all the best !!! And can’t wait for posts about your ‘neutral’ nursery, I’m sure I’ll get lovely ideas from you !
    Go and have some rest now, It’s going to be busy around you for the next…. 20 years 😉

    • audrey says:

      haha 20 years, you’re about right Ju 😉 I am just thinking about teenage years with 3 teen girls in the house…..that’s sure going to be a lot of fun haha. Can’t wait to hear about your baby when you give birth! xx

  6. Bethany says:

    Yay for girls!! Congrats!! I grew up as the youngest of 7 girls (and 1 boy) and love having so many sisters–you are never short of friends!!

    • audrey says:

      Wow 7 girls!!! That’s pretty crazy, not sure I am ready to go to that many 😀 But yes – love that these girls will be surrounded by best friends :)