Our nursery inspiration + Boy or girl – take a vote!

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The time has come, friends…it’s time to start planning baby’s nursery πŸ˜€ Amen to that! I’m so excited to get this done, this is actually the first time I get to do this. With Olivia we moved from NYC to Denmark a month before she was born, and for Madeline we moved from Denmark to NYC when she was 3 months old, so I didn’t really have any energy left to think about room decorating for either of them. But this time around – BANG, time to rock ‘n roll! Well when I say nursery, it’s more of a corner in the room since our house only has two rather small bedrooms – but that will do. No huge rocker for us, I am not even sure we’ll have space for a changing table by the crib, but that will force me to think outside the box a bit.

Hubby and I want the baby’s nursery to feel RELAXING, COSY and HAPPY. Also, because baby is going to stay with us in the room for a good while, we want the nursery corner to complement our bedroom well, and not to be overly baby-ish. While I am sure Junior will appreciate all the art on the wall from his or her very young age, we need daddy and mommy to feel like they belong too πŸ˜‰ And to add to the challenge: we’re on a budget. Go figure, we’re trying to save up a down payment for a house, and that ain’t a small chunk of money in the Bay Area!


So here is some of the inspiration I am going for. Think loads of white (duh), soft textures (those fur rugs!) and happy patterns. Color-wise, I’ll stay pretty neutral because it will fit so much better with our bedroom, and also it will be easier to mix and match things I’ve been using for the girls. So think yellow, aqua, cold mixed in with touches of warmer colors – red/pink depending on the sex of the baby.

Talking about the sex of the babe, we find out ON MONDAY and I am trying to not freak out to much πŸ˜€ I am SO beyond excited. I could never be one of these moms that choses to wait until the day of the birth. I want to know! So tell me, friends – what do YOU think our baby will be? My pregnancy has been feeling the exact same as with the girls, so I am leaning towards a girl, but hubby is convinced it is a boy. I’ve check the Chinese calendar and it said boy…but then again, it said boy for Olivia and Madeline also πŸ˜€ Take a vote, and I’ll do a reveal next week! Happy weekend y’all!

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17 Responses to “Our nursery inspiration + Boy or girl – take a vote!”
  1. Ju says:

    Such exciting news !!! I’m betting for a girl πŸ˜‰ I’m one of those mums who didn’t ask for the gender this time. Mainly (I think) because I was so fed up with people telling me ‘I HOPE for you it is FINALLY a girl’, as if it would be some kind of failure to have another boy, as if we were going to be sad if it were another boy. We couldn’t care less, honestly, that’s why we’re keeping the surprise. But I’m sure it’s a boy :)))

    I love your nursery inspirations: white with touches of colour, it’s exactly what we’re planning here as well. Like you, I didn’t get the chance to prepare a lovely nursery for my first two children, and this time I’m quite excited about it ! It’ll be white walls with touches of green around here. But we don’t want something too ‘babylike’, more something cosy and relaxing (might help the baby to sleep well early, who knows ?!).

    Enjoy the scan on Monday, I can’t wait to know πŸ˜‰ (Yeah, I can wait for myself, but not for others, call me freak :)

    • audrey says:

      Freak. hehe. Just kidding. That sounds fantastic, Ju! Would love to see pictures of your nursery when you are done :) And I definitely know what you mean with all the “this time maybe it’s finally going to be….” seems like everybody wants me to have a boy! But we let people talk, whatever – it will be special for us either way :) Let me know when you have the baby what it is!!! Hugs

  2. soaz says:

    On gagne quoi si on a bon? Lol. Tellement habituΓ©e aux cadeaux. ..pi lΓ  au moins c’est une chance sur deux! πŸ˜‰ allez a BOY, because Troels might need help at some point (especially around dating age of the 2 cutties)

  3. Georgette says:

    How fun! Planning the nursery is very exciting! We had just the opposite thing happen with our kids. We planned our first nursery. The second shared a room with the first, so he had a wall or two for himself. The third has a corner in our room and is still there two years later :) My vote is a girl!

    • audrey says:

      haha Georgette – I think that what you are describing is actually pretty typical for parents – so much thought and planning when you have your first….and then number 2 and 3 come and you’re like “whatever goes” πŸ˜€ We’ll see on Monday if you’re right!!! xxx

  4. Gloria says:

    I vote boy! Your husband totally needs a teammate in his house of girls :-)

    • audrey says:

      haha especially comes teen years – can you image 3 teenage girls in a house? He’d go bananas πŸ˜€ the answer on Monday!

  5. melanie says:

    Moi je pense qu’une petite fille de plus serait la bienvenue dans cette joyeuse famille et que ce ne sera qu’une occasion de plus pour recommencer πŸ˜‰

    • audrey says:

      Fille au garcon sera la bienvenue – mais oui, toute une equipe de fille ca ne nous derrangerait pas du tout πŸ˜€ Et puis au moins j’ai deja tout ce qu’il faut pour une autre fille πŸ˜‰ Biz Mel!

  6. Jody Tanner says:

    Boy/girl twins!

  7. Vika Moka says:

    Ohlalala, moi je suis trop nulle Γ  ces petits jeux lΓ  … mais on est mardi, donc tu dois savoir maintenant :) Je suis toute heureuse pour votre petite famille, en tout cas ! Et je suis sΓ»re que ce bΓ©bΓ© aura une bien jolie nursery !

  8. Clemence says:

    I voted girl! But boy or girl, for sure this baby will be gorgeous and loved! Can’t wait to know :)

  9. Jacob says:

    I really like it whenever people get together and share thoughts.
    Great blog, stick with it!