Weekend DIYs – Pink Power

This summer is going by way too fast – we’re just spent a week in Denmark to visit hubby’s family, and we’re only 3 days away from our move to San Francisco. THREE DAYS! Might as well be lightyears away, because even though I am super excited about our move, right now I don’t even want to think about all of the boxes I’ll have to unpack. All I want is more ice cream, late dinners al fresco and huge water fights.

I’ll share some pictures from our week in Denmark soon, but today I just wanted to find these cute little DIYs to celebrate summer in pink. Happy Friday, friends!

Source: 1.  Strawberry & almond milk popsicles. |2. DIY dreamcatcher |3. Simple table decoration |4. Simple painted candles. |5. Pink horses for a cake.

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2 Responses to “Weekend DIYs – Pink Power”
  1. everything is prettier in pink, that’s for sure! best of luck with the move, I know it cannot be easy.