Trade & Made: DIY Golden Clouds mobile

Remember last week when I told you I was participating in an awesome cross-country crafty challenge called Trade & Made!? Well, today is our big reveal – we’re showing you what we came up with! Last week I showed you what supplies all of the participating bloggers received, and the rule was that we had to use at least 4 of the supplies that came in our box to come up with a unique DIY project. Let me tell you, ain’t as easy as it seems! Usually when I DIY I buy extra supplies in case the DIY doesn’t exactly go the way I want to to (and let’s face it, it NEVER does)…but here, there was no room for a redo. A nice little challenge!

My box was filled with gold items and bright, flashy colors, so I came up with this little golden clouds mobile for my cutie pie of a niece. The hot pink thread makes a nice, bold contrast with the gold paper. Simple and colorful :) I can’t wait to poke around the Trade and Made website and find out what the 12 other participating bloggers came up with!

Most of the supplies I used were from Michaels, as well as a pretty silk ribbon from For The Makers. Keep on reading for instructions on how to make the mobile.

What you need: 

What you do:
1. Cut a couple inches off two of the dowels. Save all of the pieces.
2. Arrange the wooden dowels to see the structure of the mobile – the longest one on top, next level are the two medium pieces, and the two smallest pieces go under one of the medium pieces.
3. Start linking the dowels by wrapping a long piece of thread at each end of the top dowel. Glue it so it won’t move. Wrap the other end of the thread around the middle of each of the dowels below and secure with a knot. Repeat until all of the dowels are linked together.
4. Fold the gold paper in two and glue together so you can cut clouds that are gold on bother sides. Wait until it’s dry.
5. In the paper, cut 2 big clouds, 4 medium clouds and about 20 raindrops.
6. Use small pieces of threads to glue the rain drops to the back of the clouds.
7. Use longer pieces of thread to attach each cloud to the bottom dowels. Wrap around and glue. The biggest clouds will go under the medium dowel, the medium clouds will go under the smallest dowels.
8. Check the balance of your mobile – if a dowel is out of balance, move the thread in the middle to the left or right until balance is found.
9. Wrap the silk ribbon in the middle of the top dowel, and glue when you find the right balance.
10. Hang above baby’s head and wait for cooing :)


A very special thank you to the sponsors who made Trade & Made possible: MichaelsSpecialty BottleFor the MakersClear & Simple Stamps and DecoArt. And of course, to Erin and Laura for organizing the challenge, as well as Gloria of Little White Whale Studio for putting together the amazing Trade and Made website. Make sure to check out what everybody else made!

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12 Responses to “Trade & Made: DIY Golden Clouds mobile”
  1. Laura Parke says:

    What a fun mobile you made!! I love that you cut cloud shapes from the card stock. It’s just adorable. Thanks for participating in the challenge, Audrey!!

  2. Chelsea C. says:

    I love love love this!

  3. This mobile is SO adorable Audrey, such a great use of the supplies!!

  4. Brittni says:

    So clever Audrey! Love what you came up with. And like Kelly said, a great use of the supplies!

  5. What a creative approach! I am so impressed by everyone’s take on these supplies!

  6. McKenna Lou says:

    What an adorable gold mobile!! I really love the pink thread details. xx. McKenna Lou

  7. So, so cute! And SO you! I think that’s my favorite part of this whole thing is seeing how we all present our own styles with the same set of materials.

    • audrey says:

      I couldn’t agree more with you, Mandy! Our own styles really came through with this project!!

  8. what an unexpected thing you made! I love the mobile, it’s very stylish with the gold and pink.

  9. How stinkin’ adorable is this??!?!?! I love what you did with the gold paper. Genius!