Don’t grow up, it’s a trap

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Words of wisdom for the day – don’t grow up, it’s a trap. A couple of weeks ago hubby and I created this game where, when we want to complain to each other about something, we have to sing it to a a famous tune. Since we had just seen Les Miserables, he started singing: “I had a dream my wife could cooooooook”….and I started cracking up. Because, it’s true, I need to step up my cooking, and it was so liberating to talk about issues without making a big deal out of it. Another game we play is rock, paper, scissors whenever there’s a stinky diaper to change….nobody can complain that it isn’t fair that way!

As adults, we don’t do it enough – we usually take things way too seriously. I don’t mean that we shouldn’t be adults at all, but I think there is something to be said about kids and their ability to make a game out of everything, and about how they come up with simple, innocent solutions. Most of us forget how to be a child, but it’s just so good for the soul. Do you remember to play? What do you do to take the seriousness out of a situation?

PS: What Lainey told her mummy Kelle made me smile big.

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3 Responses to “Don’t grow up, it’s a trap”
  1. Carolina says:

    This is awesome!!!!!!!!!
    Really need to do this!

  2. Fay says:

    Wonderful message Audrey! My last trip to TJ Maxx would have been a complete drag waiting on a HUGE checkout line just to buy a package of socks if it hadn’t been for my considerably younger friend(25). She saw my frustration and immediately saw an opportunity to flip the situation around by picking up a discarded children’s book by Sandra Boynton left by the registers. She began to read it out loud including singing and jumping up & down when the book called for it. I was embarrassed at first by the attention she received but when she was done, we were next on-line! Really opened my eyes. And who doesn’t love Sandra Boynton?!