The girls’ new bedroom

Back in February we switched the girls from their toddler bed and crib to a bunk bed so that we could save up on space in their tiny bedroom – and that was the perfect excuse to redecorate their room a little. I kept it simple…we are renting so I have to control my impulses 😉

I wanted their bedroom to be a girl’s bedroom that wouldn’t be too girly – not that I have anything against pink and rainbows and unicorns. We got their bed at IKEA, it wasn’t too expensive and we love it because it’s very low for  bunk beds, perfect for toddlers. I personalized their bed with dots stickers that I made from copper contact paper, and I used these dots throughout the room – I love the way copper ties all the colors in the room together.

I made loads of rolling toy boxes that could hide and clean up the mess (you can find the tutorial here), and decorated one of the walls with more of the fabric bird stickers I made last year (you can find the tutorial here). I reused some of the giant honeycomb balls that I bought earlier this year for Olivia’s birthday, by far the girls’ favorite thing in the room now.

I’m usually so bad at buying art for our walls, but I finally got myself to buy a few prints the girls and I love for their wall. We use them as conversation starters at night before going to bed. For example, we talk about our trip to Arizona and the time when Madeline fell in the cactus when we look at cactus print by Leah Duncan – the girls laugh about that incident mostly :) Other prints I added to the bedroom: “Hello. Also, I love you” print by The Big Harumph, Wild dream by Helen Dardik and Oscar Lou by Caroline Gomez. I also used my girls’  own drawings and art pieces, I think it’s so sad when their art just ends up in a folder. Hang it up!

I added loads of pillows on their beds. I made most of them from fabric I bought at Purl Soho. I just about die every time I walk in that store, the fabric selection is amazing! Photo above also features a pillow by Colette Bream (far left) and Clarence the Lion pillow that I made from a DIY kit by Sarah Young. All these pillows make it so comfy for us to read together on the bed. I placed their book case as an extension to their bed, and the girls love having direct access to their books right from the bed.

Dolls and bunnies by: Crochets dolls & crochet pull elephant by Sebra | Bunnies by Jellycat | Monsters by SnugglyUgly

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28 Responses to “The girls’ new bedroom”
  1. ebabee says:

    Lovely! Such a pretty and girly room. I especially love the random scattering of those metallic polka dot stickers. Très magnifique!

  2. Oh, my gosh! Cutest, most dreamy little room ever!

  3. emily says:

    i love the contact paper circles! such a great idea. it would probably be easy to do with other shapes too! hmmm….

  4. Brittany says:

    This is so sweet :) such simple, creative ideas. I love it! (Love the artwork you chose!)

  5. Savage Seeds says:

    Lovely room with great ideas!

  6. Aww, I love this room!!! Love the idea of copper contact paper circles. Simple, and so cute.

  7. Charly says:

    Whouuuuuu, c’est si joli, tellement raffiné ! Bravo ! et superbe photo avec la MappeMonde

  8. Omg, I LOVE those room. It’s so chic and creative. Especially adore the copper circles and bookshelf next to the bed! I just found your blog via, and I am in love!

  9. everything looks dreamy! I love that it’s not too girly, and using art prints as a storytelling subject is such a great idea!

  10. Alexa says:

    Oh my goodness love everything. So soft and white and pretty! Lovely job!

  11. steph says:

    Such a lovely room! It was so nice to meet you at alt this past week, I’m still so impressed with your awesome gift tag business cards :)

    • audrey says:

      Lovely meeting you too, Steph! And thanks for sharing the secret to colored edges with me 😉 xx

  12. We love seeing where our dolls end up! So in love with this room, Thank you :)

  13. jo says:

    Looks so fabulous. Fresh and totally cute. x x

  14. katie says:

    I just love this room! Great flow of colors and the fabric you used is awesome! I would have to say that the star wall lamp is super cute, where on earth did you find this? And I’m so making the wooden crate rolling box, I will check out the DIY you linked!

    • audrey says:

      Thanks, Katie! Believe it or not, that star is from good old IKEA 😉 They should still have them right now since we’re right in the Christmas season, go check! :)

  15. Isabelle says:

    Purl Soho, the best store in New York!

  16. Rosie says:

    Which Ikea bunks did you use? Love the low bunks. Gorgeous room, by the way. Very talented.

    • audrey says:

      The KURA reversible bed – the girls love it, and I love that it is so low since my girls are still little :)

  17. Herma says:

    Hi, really a little girl’s dream room. please can you tell me where you got the rocking lamb? We are very eager to get a similar one. PLEASE

  18. Jen says:

    Hi I was wondering what age your oldest was at the time of this post? I love the bunk bed but am not sure if my girls are to young for it still.

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