{Give me 5} ideas for unique walls

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Hi friends! Sorry about the fewer post these past few days, between the big little one finishing school and preparing for a few big changes this summer (updates on this in a few weeks!), it’s been a bit hectic. And it will probably stay this way for a little while, so hang in there with me! Today I wanted to share a few ideas to add color and personality to your walls without having to paint your walls entirely. We’ve been renting FOREVER, dealing with oh-so-plain white walls pretty much all along and I can’t wait for the day when we have our own house and can do whatever we want.

1. Honeycomb wall: This one is probably the most labor intensive, but talk about a wow effect! BTW, You’ll want to check out the whole bedroom makeover that Mandi over at Vintage Revivals did for her little girl, it’s pretty surreal…in a brilliant way! In any case, for this type of wall, precision is a must, so if you’re not very precise (or patient) I’d stay stay clear from a project like this. But if you’re up for a challenge, go for it!!! You can do honeycomb of course, but other geometric shapes could also look fantastic (thinking triangles here). Add colors in all or few of the shapes depending on the effect you want to get.

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2. Peekaboo wall: Paint a wall that’s not big nor obvious but that will give you an unexpected burst of color. A hallway is perfect for this, for example. This is a great idea for renters because you’ll only have to paint a small area back to white once you move out, and it will help give your place more personality. I love the bright coral of this wall, and you can also use fun (removable if you’re renting) wallpaper for extra personality.

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3. Half-painted wall: With this method you can add bright, fun colors without it becoming too overwhelming for the eyes. What else is there to say, really other than it’s so easy to do and you can’t really go wrong with it!

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4. Contact paper or washi tape accent wall: If you are renting your place, nothing like sticking something to your walls to make them more you. Of course you can always buy already made stickers, but even more fun is to come up with your own. For Madeline’s birthday party I used contact paper to make giant polka dots on our walls…..and the polka dots are still there a month later – they are so much fun!  Buy rolls of contact paper in a few colors and cut out whatever shapes you like. Cheap and effective! You can also use oversized washi tape sold by Sincol and mt to make big stripes on your walls. All of this will easily peel off your walls the day you move out.

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5. Repeating shapes: A bit trickier to do, but I love the look of these rooms – the repeating circles are so much fun. They allow the rooms to feel connected even though they are separated by a wall.

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7 Responses to “{Give me 5} ideas for unique walls”
  1. Savage Seeds says:

    Great Ideas! I must get some contact paper 😉

  2. Emma Jayne says:

    Some great wall ideas and a few to choose from! I think I prefer the half painted walls :-)

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