{this weekend} let’s make this and that

Guess what…..it’s Friday! It’s been a hectic (short) week around here, and looking forward to relaxing a bit this weekend. We are planning on going to the Jersey shore this weekend and hitting the beach – it gotten SO hot all of the sudden here in NYC! But it sounds like summer hasn’t arrived everywhere, right my dear European friends ? Missing summer much? I know everyone back home in France is complaining about all the rain and cold weather. So if it doesn’t seem like you’ll be able to hit the beach where you live, I rounded up a few DIYs for you to try. At least this way I know you’ll all stay warm and dry while crafting – I am only thinking about your well-being here, is all 😉 Everybody else, see you at the beach with a mojito in your hand! Happy weekend everybody, sunny or not! xx

Images: 1. Hanging vase by Mini Eco. |2. Fun toddler socks by the Purl Bee. Told you I was trying to keep you all warm 😉 |3. Make some rosewater vodka. Yes, rosewater strikes again! |4. Update an old dresser like Mobel Pobel. |5. Keep the littles ones busy by making these neon binoculars.|6. Celebrating something? Pimp the room with balloons!

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4 Responses to “{this weekend} let’s make this and that”
  1. oh my gosh, how cute are those socks?

  2. Alexa says:

    Oh love that dresser. The colors are fantastic.

    • audrey says:

      I agree! Now I am on a mission to find a old piece of furniture like this at a yard sale and pimp it up.