polka dots, flowers & rock ‘n roll

Last week my wee girl turned two – long gone my baby Maddie! She’s turning into such a beautiful, funny, smart little girl…what, biased at all, me? She’s my little girl, of course she’s perfect, duh 😉 Can’t help it, I am a proud mama.

We  had a mini-celebration on Wednesday, the day of her birthday, and then had a little party at home with a few friends the following Sunday. We are starting to have our little routine down now for birthdays. New family traditions are slowly falling into place and it feels so good. The girls now know that I always decorate the house the evening right before their birthdays – they look forward to it. Oh the squeals of joy when they woke up last Wednesday and saw the balloons up in the air & the polka dots on the walls :)

Madeline had been talking about guitars for months, so finally I broke down and found this adorable one – oh you should have seen her face when she unwrapped it. She didn’t let go of it ALL day. She even napped with it, made my heart melt. My sweet little girl is a bit of a rocker, turns out 😉

The day of her birthday I made vanilla cupcakes with rosewater frosting – or should I say that I made rosewater frosting with vanilla cupcakes, because quite frankly the frosting is all we ever need in cupcakes, right?! And for the party I made a cake with a similar combination, vanilla and rosewater, and it also had a mixture of peaches and cream in the middle. Yes, I am slightly obsessed with anything with rosewater.

For the big cake I used the cake topper I made a couple weeks ago (see tutorial here), I used a simple bloom for the cupcakes, and I also made this sweet little flower crown that that little Scandinavian girl could wear in her hair. In this house it is simply not allowed to have a birthday without wearing a crown or a hat or something pretty in your hair. And you don’t want to test a French person, you know what we did to our kings when they pissed us off 😉

 In Manhattan you’ll find that a lot of families go all out for their kids birthday parties – as in, ALL OUT. They’ll organize an event a the kid’s museum or rent an entire playroom with a crew to entertain the kids. While these are always fun, they also cost a fortune. Personally, I think that simply having people at our home, decorated for the occasion, with a homemade cake and loads of friends is just the best way to celebrate my girls’ birthdays. The party was chill and fun – food, cake, balloons and a little bit of music for the kids. I know that the stuff I make might make this party look fancy and all, but really it’s a bunch of balloons, hot glue and time, is all.

As far as party favors go, I put together these little DIY bug glitter jars that each child could make at home with their parents. I included some silly, colorful bugs, a little bag of large glitter, a little tube of glycerin and some strong glue to seal the lid. In France we don’t really do party favors, and I personally think that most often the favors we get finish up as junk in the home….so I thought at least, with something like this, the kids will get to craft with their parents – even if they end up throwing the jar away, the experience will always be there.

And of course, just like last year, we asked our guests, as well as friends and family that couldn’t make it to the party to tell us what they wish for our little girl’s future and their predictions for what she might become. There is a million dollar prize for the person who guesses right :) I love this tradition and I think my girls will cherish these posters when they are big enough to understand.

Happy Friday, friends – have a great weekend!

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16 Responses to “polka dots, flowers & rock ‘n roll”
  1. she looks so cute in the crown and the guitar! and all the decorations are very, very pretty. congrats on everything, and happy birthday to your sweet one!

  2. Kristina says:

    Oh my goodness, I cant even stand the guitar pictures! So frigging adorable. The mason jars were a great idea as well. What camera do you use? it picks up the colors really well.

    Anyway, if you have time visit my Baby blog as well! It’s http://www.BloggingAboutBabies.com and we have free contests and giveaways. This week were giving away a free 192 pack of Pampers Diapers! Thanks.

    • audrey says:

      Hi Kristina – thanks for stopping by! I have a Canon 7D (I used to do photography semi-professionally) and I use lightroom to edit my pictures to work on contrast and colors a bit. Hope this helps!

  3. Carolina says:

    Awwww too cute! Happy B day! ps. do you have the recipe for the cupcakes?

  4. ebabee says:

    Happy birthday to Maddie! The party looks so pretty.

  5. Oh my goodness, this is the sweetest party! Love all of the darling details, how cute are those bug jars!?!

  6. Helene says:

    Simply beautiful.. I love the flowers everywhere, the crown, the balloon garland and those party favours are such a good idea!! Is it OK to feature your birthday poster in a “Things I like” post on my blog? Thank you!

    • audrey says:

      Glad you like it, Helene! As long as you link up, I’d be honored to be featured on your blog :)

  7. CiaoChessa says:

    The party was so fun. Thank you again for inviting us! The cake was AMAZING and I’m still dreaming about that rice. So good.
    I’m totally going to steal your idea for the upside down balloons…if there’s one thing my girl loves it’s balloons. I love the photos.

  8. CiaoChessa says:

    PS–where did you find the little flower crowns?

  9. Vika Moka says:

    Intéressant ce que tu racontes sur les anniversaires d’enfants à Manhattan … Je me souviens, moi c’était plutôt course en sac, chaises musicales et un petit sachet de bonbons “as party favor”, tout ça organisé dans notre jardin par ma maman 😉 Que de bons souvenirs ! Tes filles en auront de merveilleux, c’est sûr !

  10. Cindy says:

    She is beautiful! The party looked like it was superb. Colorful and full of life! Thanks for sharing! :)

  11. What an absolutely stunning party!!!! Your flower and balloon garland is amazing and I think I want it for my house. For every day. So amazing!

  12. Angela says:

    What an adorable party so cute! i just found your blog and its beautiful, new follower here :) http://www.handmadeintheheartland.com

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