A walk in the park

A little bit of color inspiration for this quiet Monday morning – loving these colors together. We had a very busy weekend here, we went to Coney Island with the girls on Saturday (so fun!) and yesterday we had a gazillion kids in our tiny apartment for Madeline’s birthday. It was a mess of a party like we love them, I’ll tell you this much – Madeline had a blast :) But now I am glad it is Monday and we can slow down a bit. I love hectic weekends and hanging out with friends and doing thousands of things, but I can only do it for so long – after a while I need my down time, my quiet walks in the park, my warm cup of tea and cuddles with my girls under the blanket.

What about you guys, did you do anything fun this weekend? Or did you just chill at home?

Images: 1. DIY stump tables from Fräulein Klein |2. Helen Dardik poster. |3. Pretty pastel miniature forest by 2of2. |4. Origami birds mobile. |5. I am obsessed with jumpsuits right now. How pretty is this one at Anthropologie?

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5 Responses to “A walk in the park”
  1. Those stump tables would look great in my house :) I love your choice of soft colors – they’re perfect for May!

  2. Giova Brusa says:

    What a nice collection! Very inspiring! That jumpsuit (which I usually don’t like) is stunning!

  3. Savage Seeds says:

    Gorgeous collection! Colors are stunning!

  4. Love those pictures and what a lovely dress :)

    Vintage Inspired Girls