Hop hop hop little bunny

When I first came to the US of A during high shool, I thought it was so weird that a bunny brings the eggs for Easter. Growing up in France it was always a hen who brought the eggs, so I really didn’t buy this whole bunny thing at all – chicken and eggs, duh. What about you guys, who comes in your country? Any fun tradition? Anyway, this bunny thing puzzled me until now and so I just did some extremely crucial Easter bunny research, and found out that the Easter bunny is originally an old tradition from…guess…yep, Easter France, the region of Alsace. Ha, yes, my own country, where the hen is now queen. I’m fooled :) In any case, whomever brings the eggs where you live, here are some fun Easter DIYs. Enjoy, and happy Monday!

PS: More Easter projects….

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Images: 1. Painterly pastel eggs by Papernstitch. |2. Pinata eggs by A Subtle Revelry. |3. Golden marble eggs via She Knows. |4. Dip dyed eggs via Oh Joy. |5. Easter bags via Purl Bee. |6. Little egg man by A Bit of Pilli Pilli.

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4 Responses to “Hop hop hop little bunny”
  1. Chloe Moon says:

    I really had no idea about where the Easter eggs and bunny and hens came from!! Hens do make a lot more sense though than a bunny!! These DIY’s are totally cute! I’ll have to do something like this for Easter!!

  2. Oh too funny – I did an Easter tutorial round up yesterday and included 3 out of your 6! Similar taste… and awesome tutorials!