{like mother, like daughter} sweet triangles

This week’s picks could be both for babies or ladies really. I completely adore this modern baby quilt tutorial by See Kate Sew, and actually would love to turn this into a bigger quilt for my own bedroom! And how sweet is this print by La Famille Mouchette? I would happily have this above my desk for inspiration, or hang it next to my little girl’s crib.

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4 Responses to “{like mother, like daughter} sweet triangles”
  1. Chloe Moon says:

    I just love this. My Mom is a quilter and I love prints. So I can totally see my mom making a quilt that would match my print. Very pretty print too btw, love the color combo! =)

    • audrey says:

      Totally! I’ve been wanting to learn to quilt for such a long time, and this tutorial might just be the perfect motivation I need :)

  2. What a lovely combination! I too am pretty much obsessed with that quilt. I now have my fingers crossed that one of my friends will have a girl so I can whip something up in this color combo.

    • audrey says:

      Yes, Mindy! This quilt is totally down your alley!!!! Maybe I should have another baby girl so you can make me one 😀