Wake up Winter!

Print by Happee Monkee. Purchase here.

Wake up, internet! It’s time to shake it a little :) So happy to be back after a little (and very needed) break.

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL! I love that time of the year, the new year, when people are hoping and dreaming and wishing all kind of good things for themselves and others for the coming year. Even if half of the things we hope for don’t come true, it’s that feeling, that hopeful feeling that just seem to make everything a bit brighter. And with that, here’s my January wish list – lots of goodies to wake up winter a bit and break through the gloomy winter months!

1. Do your best pennant at Three Potato Four. |2. Pretty winter coat at Sugar Hill Boutique. |3. Mid-century vintage chair at Department Chicago.|4. DIY Tea cosy pattern. |5. Honey mustard scarf by Oh Leander.|6. Uppercase magazine, inspiration for the creative & Curious. LOVE! |7. Scented botanical sachets in grey polka dots by Gardenmis.|8. Velvety bow by Just Lovely.

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3 Responses to “Wake up Winter!”
  1. amber says:

    This is my favourite colour combination! I am in mid-summer Australia, but I’m still enjoying all the winter-related posts. I’ll stow the inspiration away for June…

  2. Kelly says:

    What a great collection! I love the “live good, love big” print. I might just order it for my baby’s nursery (due in May)!

    I just pinned this. :-)