Arizona sunsets

Happy Friday everybody! I have a super sweet announcement for you guys in a few hours, but for now I just wanted to share a few pics from our trip to Arizona – it’s been so nice to soak up the sun after the past few weeks of crazy weather in New York City. Geez, I could seriously get used to wearing flip flops and T-shirts all winter long!

We spent the first part of our trip in Flagstaff to celebrate Thanksgiving with the family I lived with when I came on exchange in high school – best family EVER, just so you know . Flagstaff is such a chill little town. It’s also chillier – jackets stayed on most of the time.
We had a great time taking some walks in the pine forest, going to small hipster coffee shops, throwing leaves…and duh, stuffing ourselves with super good food on Thanksgiving :)

We also took a day trip to gorgeous Sedona. Sedona is only 45 minutes away from Flagstaff, and is waaaaay worth the drive. One of the prettiest places I’ve seen so far! We started our day in Sedona at the terrace of a restaurant with a margarita….because, really, what can possibly go wrong when you start your day with a margarita??! After that we went for some exploring, down to one of the creeks. The girls were in heaven – I mean, they found rocks and sticks everywhere they looked….they couldn’t possibly have asked for more. Except for maybe ice cream…we happily obliged to it :) I had prickly pear (cactus) ice cream, it was delicious!
We’re now in Tucson for a few more days, staying with friends. I did my undergraduate studies in Tucson and it’s so nice to be back after four years – but more pics and words on that part of our trip later :) Hope you all have a fantastic weekend, no matter whether it’s sunny or rainy where you are!

All pictures by Audrey Smit, except for picture of our family and the picture of Olivia day dreaming in the car – these picture are by Soazic Gardais, the best friend one could ever wish for.

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6 Responses to “Arizona sunsets”
  1. Georgette says:

    Beautiful pictures Audrey! It’s so nice to have you back in town for a visit and we are looking forward to meeting your little ones!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Always love your personal posts. I love your life, and the photography is, as always, just so lovely.

    Can’t wait to hear the announcement!!!

  3. DAvid says:

    So what’s the annoucement ???