{Closed!} $125/100€ gift certificate to My Little Square

You guys don’t know how excited I am about this giveaway, I so wish I could enter! My Little Square is one of my favorite online kids stores in the whole wide world. This French store has awesome fashion for the little ones, great toys and pretty things for their room. And you, my dear readers, are rather lucky because My Little Square is giving you a chance to win a 100 euros gift certificate -or the equivalent in dollars for my US readers, about $125 – to buy whatever you fancy in their store. Yep yep!

For a chance to win the gift certificate, just visit My Little Square’s website, check out all their pretties and come back here to leave me a comment & let me know what you’d buy with the gift certificate. Easy, right?!

For additional entries (please leave a separate comment for each additional entry):

This giveaway is open to people worldwide (yes, anybody can enter!) and will close at 11:59pm EST on Tuesday, November 20. A winner will be randomly chosen and contacted by email. The gift certificate will be valid through 12/31/12.

THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED. Thanks to everybody who participated. The winner is: VERONICA. Congrats!!

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69 Responses to “{Closed!} $125/100€ gift certificate to My Little Square”
  1. Amie says:

    I am loving the shape box toy, the bears family poster, and so many of the clothes!

  2. Amie says:

    I like This Little Street on Facebook

  3. Amie says:

    I like My Little Square on Facebook.

  4. Georgette says:

    I love the Wooden Fort! It would be a great gift for my three kiddos to play with and enjoy :) I’m also loving the Fur Coat Paris for my girls. Tres Chic!

  5. Jette Gad says:

    Oh I totally understand why you love that shop so much… Our 3 yr. old loves everything DIY so I would go for the DIY super hero cape :)

  6. Jette Gad says:

    I like this little street on facebook :)

  7. Jette Gad says:

    I like My Little Square on facebook :)

  8. I <3 the little street on Facebook (and twitter and pinterest… Well, I might as well 😉
    Good luck to everyone!

  9. Mai-Britt Bladt Hansen Bruun says:

    Like & like both Little Street & My Little Square.
    If i was so lucky to win, i would definitely go for the coffee machin from Hape. We so mush love food in our house and Lisbeth (3-almost 4) thinks its almost like mom & dads coffee maker.

  10. Clo says:

    So many amazing things…I think I’d buy the wooden fort or the wooden carpark…or the wooden cooker (so fifficult to choose!) for my boy.
    Thank you for this giveaway!!!

  11. Clo says:

    And I like This little street on facebook from the beginnig of the adventure!! :)

  12. Tine says:

    Liked both at FB;-) I would defintely buy the Rabbits lamp!

  13. Kate says:

    For my big boy, I LOVE all the boys sweaters, especially the two-toned cardigan. For my baby girl, the zipped sweater dress. LOVE.

  14. Kate says:

    also a FB fan of This Little Street

  15. Kate says:

    also a FB Little Square fan. thanks!

  16. the swan sweater is adorable!

  17. Elizabeth says:

    I’m totally a FB Little Square fan!!!

  18. Veronica says:

    The acrobat bear bed linen is adorable! And I’m sure my lil’ chef would enjoy the sliceable food. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  19. Veronica says:

    still a little street FB fan! : )

  20. Elizabeth says:

    (…. and 3 hours later, I’ve finally browsed it all and decided what I’d spent my gift card on…)

    I think I’d buy the moustache sweater for my son… soooo cute! Oh, and the rabbit lamp is adorable! Or maybe the Chocolate Velvet Deerstalker? Aaaargh, do I have to decide now what to spend the gift card on? So many lovely things!!

  21. Elizabeth says:

    And of course, I’m still a Little Street fan :)

  22. Veronica says:

    and a This Little Street FB fan!

  23. Oryanne says:

    Already liked both pages! And i’m dreaming of the SEBRA chair in purple… Many thanks in advance :)

  24. Mathilde B says:

    What a wonderful gift! I love this shop.
    I take with pleasure.
    I like little wooden village http://www.mylittlesquare.com/fr/364-petit-village-en-bois.html
    Cut fruit and also set: http://www.mylittlesquare.com/en/322-plateau-de-fruit-a-couper.html
    or maybe Wooden Carpark: http://www.mylittlesquare.com/en/1500-wooden-carpark.html

    Thank you very much!

  25. Mathilde B says:

    I love My Little Square page on Facebook: Mathilde Bré*****

  26. Mathilde B says:

    I love This Little Street page on Facebook: Mathilde Bré*****

  27. leonore pavie-kyab says:

    I like This Little Street and My Little Square on facebook! <3

  28. Petra says:

    I’d first buy whole THE HABERDASHERY department, and then we’d see about the toys:)

  29. Petra says:

    Liking My Little Square on fb

  30. Petra says:

    Liking This Little Street on fb

  31. leonore pavie-kyab says:

    everything is so beautiful, hard to choose… but as christmas is also Péma’s birthday, I would take a gift just for her : map of world wall stickers by MIMI’LOU or the draisine kurve pastel dotty Kiddomoto with the helmet union jack <3

  32. SL Crafts says:

    Coucou!!! Thank you for the giveaway! I’d like to buy a Paul and Joe sweat shirt and some fabrics to sew him a shirt 😉 http://www.mylittlesquare.com/en/117-fabric-and-oilcloth
    I’ve been blocked by Facebook so I can’t like those pages… T_T
    Wish me luck

  33. Carole M says:

    OH impossible to choose, it’s really so nice !
    For the first Christmas of my baby, I would choose :
    – & the rabbit lamp for his bedroom : http://www.mylittlesquare.com/en/361-lampe-lapin.html

    Thank you for the contest !

  34. Carole M says:

    & I’m fan of Facebook page under my email pseudo

  35. Julie says:

    I like the posters to decorate my childrens rooms : Circus, letters Isaak (so cute) and also the Mimi Lou sticker !

    Thank you !

  36. Julie says:

    Liking My little squaure on FB !

  37. Julie says:

    And I like This little street on FB !

  38. vanou says:

    C’est fait!!! Merci pmour ce jeu!!;)

  39. J”aime Little Square sur facebook

  40. Vibeke says:

    I like This Little Street on Facebook :-)

  41. Vibeke says:

    I like My Little Square on Facebook!

  42. katie says:

    liked my little square on fb!

  43. katie says:

    i already like this little street on fb :)

  44. katie says:

    i can’t decide what i would choose – i looked on the site for the while trying to pick…i think i would for something in the home decor because we are buying a house at the end of the month!

  45. Lisa says:

    I love the Blue marl pompom hat and would stock up on some baby dishware :) Oh but I’m not sure I could resist getting the balance bike and pok a dot helmet even though that is a ways off they are uber cute!

  46. Bonjour!
    Thank you for this giveaway – so many lovely things to choose from in My Little Square!
    I would choose the wooden carpark : http://www.mylittlesquare.com/en/1500-wooden-carpark.html
    and a cloud cushion by Zü : http://www.mylittlesquare.com/en/1296-cloud-cushion-sleeping-drops.html
    and a painting with a zebra : http://www.mylittlesquare.com/en/395-tableau-lettrage-z.html
    Thank you very much!

  47. I like This Little Street on Facebook :)

  48. I like My Little Square on facebook :)

  49. Nica Sh says:

    What a lovely and generous giveaway! I would buy so many things here for my son Eric. I am in love with Body tweet birdy and Adjustable Owl Bodystuits! And there is even a pillow that would match it. How cute!

  50. Serene C. says:

    Wow what a dangerous website for me – now i feel like I need to redo my kids room after browsing! haha
    I would go for the wooden chariot ( love wood and the functionality of the toy) and the bowler hat sweater ( why don’t they carry them in adult sizes??)

  51. Serene C. says:

    Have liked my little square!

  52. Serene C. says:

    Have liked this little street!

  53. Nica Sh says:

    Liked my little square on FB!

  54. Max says:

    I would choose a wooden memo game and a doctor’s briefcase for my daughter.

  55. Nica Sh says:

    Liked my little street on FB!

  56. Liking (almost loving) This little street on facebook! and also My little square now!

  57. I need to say this! There are too many “must have” products!!! :)
    I am in love with FEIYUE shoes and would definitely use my gift certificate for FEIYUE X GOLDEN HOOK GIFT BOX or one of other FEIYUE shoes! My little girl will love it!

  58. Clemence says:

    Ohhh everything is so adorable! I’ve had a hard time trying to figure out what I’d choose, but I think the lovely “grey cloud cover white dots Livly Clothing” would keep my niece warm!

  59. Clemence says:

    I like This Little Street on Facebook (there should be a “love” button instead of the “like” button, just for your blog)

  60. Clemence says:

    I like My Little Square on Facebook

  61. Teresa says:

    I “liked ” This Little Street & My Little Square on FB. Love both!!! I would get the Robe Chat beige dress for my baby girl and the Chariot en bois!

  62. noura says:

    we love the Sarouel molleton gris, Gilet chiné bleu and Draisienne Kurve Union Jack! and i like the page my little square. bisous

  63. Karen says:

    Soooo many great things! I would go for the Kiddimoto balance bike – to give the 2 year old as a “yes honey, we still think youre absolutely wonderful” present when little sister arrives in january 😉

  64. Karen says:

    Liking This little street on FB :-)

  65. Karen says:

    Liking My Little Square on FB

  66. Veronica says:

    Wow, what a wonderful surprise! Xmas shopping is about to begin! Thank you so much!