When I grow up…I want to learn as much as I can! By Jenn from Ambrosia Creative

Today I want to introduce Jenn from Ambrosia Girl to you, my dear readers. I discovered Jenn’s work because she is a contributor to Dot Coms For Moms like me, and I’ve simply been blown away by her work and creativity. Thanks for sharing your dreams with us, Jenn!

Hi there! My name is Jenn Kirk and I blog about crafts, my family, and share some of my design work at Ambrosia Creative. It’s been just over seven years since I’ve finished my undergrad in graphic communication, and as I was fresh off the heels of intense studying, finals, and completing senior projects, I swore I was finished with school for good. Fast forward to present day, I realize I miss the stimulating academic environment and challenging subjects. It would be a dream to once again be immersed as a full-time student and pursue a second degree. Perhaps social justice, or art history, or maybe cultural anthropology — there is quite a bit I’d love to learn!

lamp / ipad mini / vintage notebooksherschel backpack / fossil watch / bamboo earbuds

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4 Responses to “When I grow up…I want to learn as much as I can! By Jenn from Ambrosia Creative”
  1. ebabee likes says:

    Loving those notebooks… I am a bit of a stationery junkie!

  2. i’d definitely shoot for art history or cultural anthropology. I’m actually finishing up one masters program and about to get into a second one, here it is archaeological anthropology (makes sense I have a degree in history and anthropology from undergrad). Good luck in your pursuits!