{like mother like child} dress up time

Halloween’s coming up, do you have a costume yet? If not, here’s a few ideas for ladies and little ones. My two and 1/2 year old daughter told me that she wanted her and her sister to be Lilo & Stitch – ha, clever girl dress her sister up into a monster!! Personally, I don’t feel very comfortable with a full on costume…but a little something like this gorgeous mask or some fun tights to join in the fun halloween spirit? Totally!

Images: 1. Little red riding hood cape for little girls by Savage Seeds. |2. Adult little red riding hood cape by Karolin Felix Dream |3. Snowflake leather mask by Tom Banwell. |4. Baby snowflake costume by Princess Paradise. |5. Kids bat hoodie by Paul & Paula. |6. Bats tights by Tattoo Socks.

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3 Responses to “{like mother like child} dress up time”
  1. Savage Seeds says:

    I adore all of these! Thank you for the wonderful feature!

  2. Alexandra says:

    So beautifull !!

  3. KarolinFelix says:

    wow Audrey, thank you for this gorgeous post and feature ^____^
    love your blog!