{the colors of happiness} a coffee break

Image: Samedi matin by Marcos Rivas

Smelling that cup when it’s handed to you. Feeling the cup warming up your hands. Tasting that first sip. And then there’s the whole atmosphere of the coffee shop. And if you are extra lucky, maybe you’ll have a book with you and take your time to really enjoy this little cup of joe. So really, that coffee break, it is pure happiness – as condensed as can be!

1. For coffee lovers – Vintage Mid Century Modern Cups photography print by Captain Cat Collective.
2. You, your cup and this pretty¬†knitted Coffee Cozy in Grey by Natalya’s Studio. Perfect!
3. Marshmallow sampler pack by Whimsy & Spice. Cardamon, caramel, chocolate, maple….you pick. Yum!
4. Invite someone on a coffee date with this cute “Buy you coffee” card by Ashley Pahl.
5. For your digital book while sipping your cup – this gorgeous ipad sleeve by Mujjo.

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3 Responses to “{the colors of happiness} a coffee break”
  1. alexa says:

    Ha. Love that “Buy you coffee maybe.”

  2. beautiful, love that coffee cozy (although I’d use it for my tea :)

  3. since i drink tea, i call it tea time. i’m constantly asking myself at work, is it that time?!