{the colors of happiness} living the good (dog) life

Image source: Photography by Dane Shitagi for Longchamps, via Miles to Style.

I am usually not a big spender – but every now and then I like to “splurge” on something that will make me feel good. Everybody loves a little extra sugar, a little glam, a little something special. Nothing wrong with treating ourselves every now and then, really – why wait for someone to roll the red carpet in front of us! And same goes with our pet friends – so I thought I’d put a glamourous dog shopping list to fancy up our pets’ life.

1. Gourmet doughnuts for dogs by Pupcakes Treats – now talk about treating your dog! | 2. Can’t say no to a little bling. Metallic sparkle dog collar by The Mod Dog.| 3. I’m sure every pet would love to lounge on this modern orange pet bed by Mod Pet. | 4. Love this pretty plaid bow tie by Little Blue Feathers. | 5. Perfect for some stylish travels, the pod bag by Mungo and Maud. |6. So pretty – this big bend dog bowl holder by Roxiedoggie.

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One Response to “{the colors of happiness} living the good (dog) life”
  1. Gloria says:

    Awww I wish I had gotten Toby some of those doughnuts for his birthday!