{live here, eat that} playful

Left: Home of Aprill Aprill, via Design Attractor.| Right: Filo boats with chocolate cream by Carnet Parisiens.

I’ve always been a big fan of houses that don’t take themselves too seriously. Houses that you can imagine being LIVED in. Happy homes. Playful homes. And the home of Aprill Aprill is definitely one of these. Mismatched chairs, pops of colors here and there and everywhere. My favorite part? The open shelving in almost every room. It gives a lot of personality to the house – everything that this family loves  is exposed to anyone that comes to the house, making it instant decoration. Of course, that also means you need to keep the clutter rather minimal 😉

And to go with this happy and playful house, nothing better than these filo boats and chocolate cream by Carnets Parisiens. They are totally awesome, right?! I am definitely making these for myself for the girls soon. Uhm. Of course it’s gonna be for the girls….

I’ve been following a few bloggers that made it their mission to say that it is actually OK to “play with your food”, and “Parigote” from Carnets Parisiens is one of my favorite. It’s so refreshing to see food that doesn’t take itself too seriously! Parigote’s creativity and imagination blows my mind every time, so make sure to check out her blog – a lot of it is in French but she’s got the most wonderful pictures anyway :)

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3 Responses to “{live here, eat that} playful”
  1. This is what I could call a happy and playful home, indeed. So lovely! :)

  2. Anouk says:

    I love it ! And Parigote is also one of my favorite !