{live here in that} scandinavian cozy

Left: Scandinavian home at Hus & Hem, via Jelanie.| Right: Rose petal jam by Evan’s Kitchen Ramblings.

After showing you this gorgeous “old school” Belgian home last week, I thought I’d share this lovely Scandinavian home with you guys today. I am loving the color palette and all of the little things that make this home so cozy. Coziness is a big thing in Scandinavia – and it’s doesn’t only apply to a room or a home. It could be a dinner party, or just grabbing a cup of coffee with a friend, or taking a bath with candles. Anything that makes them feel warm and cozy inside. In Denmark they call it “hygge“. And that’s what this little house makes me feel inside when I look at the pictures- warm and cozy. Oh boy do I want to disappear under the mountain of pillows on that couch!

And while I hang out in this beautiful house, I’d love to have a cup of tea and some shortbread cookies with this yummy rose petal jam by Evan’s Kitchen Ramblings.

Doesn’t sound dreamy?! The color of that jam is so striking, and I bet that it tastes as heavenly as it looks. Find the recipe here at Evan’s Kitchen rambling.

Photo credits: Photographs of the scandinavian home by Lina Östling. Photographs of the rose petal jam by Evan’s Kitchen Ramblings.

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2 Responses to “{live here in that} scandinavian cozy”
  1. Lovely! I actually don’t like the color red, but I’ll make an exception… I want to live here!