Party, girl!

Happy Monday everybody – hope you all had a great weekend? We mostly spent our weekend relaxing after our big fright from last week – little Madeline is doing perfect though….back to her climbing-everything-in-sight! Anyway, this weekend I came across this article, and I thought it might be good that I too start thinking about the big and small parties that are coming up this fall and winter…instead of doing everything last minute as always. Uhm. What, me??! Because, really what’s better than throwing a hell of a party? And I am not necessarily talking about inviting hundreds of people or spending weeks making paper mache favors for everyone….but about doing things so that people will feel a little extra special that they could be part of the celebration.

Images: 1. Gorgeous gold paper bowl by Up in The Air Somewhere |2. These gum paste hearts by Signe Sugar for the prettiest of cakes. |3. Love this tassel garland by Confetti System. |4. Washi tape bunting on white paper – easy and so pretty!|5. Sparkly cake toppers by Fellow Fellow for Say Yes To Hoboken. So lovely!

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Happy Thanksgiving!
2 Responses to “Party, girl!”
  1. alexa says:

    So glad she’s alright! So scary for mama and baby! :(

  2. image three, i’m all about image three!!!!