{no more blank walls} One Must Dash

I came across these great prints from Sweden by One Must Dash– how cool are they?! Very clean and graphic at the same time, in true Scandinavian spirits. I am pretty sure that hubby is going to want to get the “If I was French print” for me….babe, really, do I speak that much? Hope you like them too!

PS: I was planning on doing a little something more for today, but I didn’t get to finish last night because I had to take my baby girl to the ER – she fell in the bathroom and hurt her head. My little adventurer was trying to climb on the toilet seat and she fell backwards. The results: three stitches and a (very) tired baby + mama this morning since we came back at 3am from the hospital – but thankfully nothing worse, no fracture or anything!

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6 Responses to “{no more blank walls} One Must Dash”
  1. Elizabeth says:

    Good to hear that she’s okay! I’m just waiting for something similar to happen to my little one… it seems that it’s just inevitable that little kids will get hurt. Luckily, I’m sure the experience was a learning one… And little kids luckily get over these things so quick!

    Oh, and I love these prints :) I love how the first one incorporates the frame as part of the design – very clever! And yes, the french one :) And the ‘I think I’m in love with you’ is really lovely too…

    Hope you get some sleep :)

    • audrey says:

      Yes, it was coming her way for a while – she’s just so adventurous and afraid of nothing….she got me pretty scared though I have to admit :)

  2. Anne says:

    Love all of the prints but the wording of the last one:

    “Children left unattended will be sold to the circus”

    – that’s just the best. I might even be guilty of considering leaving my kid unattended once in a while… (don’t tell anyone).

    Poor girl of yours (and poor you) :( Like Elizabeth, I think it’s inevitable and I could tell you many anecdotes from my own boy’s life, but the best part is, I’ve already forgotten most of them :)

    Have a nice weekend!

  3. Love these prints! Hope everything’s okay with your little adventurer.

  4. I’m so glad your baby girl is ok! Those trips to the ER are super scary (my daughter broke her arm earlier this year jumping on the bed) and it was an all nighter too. Get some rest!