{the colors of happiness} A place to rest your feet. A place to rest your mind.

Image source: Lavender by Pinecone Camp. Purchase here.

When the day goes crazy on you, and you feel that you’ve been running left and right, where do you go to catch you breath? Do you have this little place inside or outside your home, this spot where you know you can always rest up your feet and mind? Mine is the little reading nook that we built in one of the windows of our apartment. It’s where I go at the end of the day to recharge. I can sit there for hours and hours with a good book, stopping every now and then to look outside the window. Still, I wish we had a garden filled with flowers so I could set up two red chairs and maybe a little side table for my glass of wine :)

1. How comfortable do these gorgeous ballet flats by The White Ribbon look? Oh how I wish I could slip my feet in them right this minute!
2. Nothing like a little pedicure to relax your mind and feet. Some of my favorite shades – I just love Essie nail colors.
3. OK, so these are not really for your feet. But they are oh-so-pretty to the eye, aren’t they? Bead weaved bracelets by Sew A Song.
4. Usually what my mind is thinking about when I find myself in the peace and quiet. You and me art print by Small Talk Studio.
5. I’ll happily rest my (freshly pedicured) feet on this retro green sofa at Hindsvik.
6. I listed something for your feet, something for your wrists, so I was afraid your neck you get jealous here 😉 How about this foxy puzzle pendant from Soft Gold Studio?

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8 Responses to “{the colors of happiness} A place to rest your feet. A place to rest your mind.”
  1. After spending days driving through lavender fields, I am loving this collection!

  2. i like to get outside and breathe in the fresh air. i go on this hike not to far from my apartment and watch the sunset sneak through the mountains and over look my town! so relaxing but i’m totally digging the flats and the essie collection you’ve got here!! happy hump day!

  3. Clemence says:

    Oh comme la photo fait rêver.. L’odeur de la lavande… et les couleurs simplement magnifiques ! Et tout le reste est superbe aussi (comme d’habitude !) – hop direct dans mon panier imaginaire 😉

  4. Thanks so much, Audrey! I love how you broke down my print by colours. Fun post!

  5. alexa says:

    Oh beautiful. Love those delicate little flats!

  6. eva says:

    Thanks for the featuring Audrey! you have a lovely blog :)

  7. I adore this color scheme! It’s going to be perfect for Fall transition looks. Thank you for including my Puzzle Pendant here!

    My studio is my refuge, my nest, though it centers me to look out over my garden and up into the mountains out back. However, my favorite time of day is when I get to turn everything off, lean into my pillows, write a little, and then snuggle into book. So relaxing, so transporting! =)

    • audrey says:

      Dianna – how I wish I could also see mountains from my window!! But I agree, nothing like a bunch of pillows to lean against to relax!