{live here, drink that} In Spain

Left: Basque country home via Cote Maison. | Right: blood orange margarita by White on Rice Couple.

Found this little beauty of a Spanish house and I knew right away that I had to share it with you guys! It’s really a mix of styles, this house, but I love how it comes together with perfection. Furniture from different eras and styles, one color palette in one room, a different one in another…yet everything flows together. And did you see the floor in the kitchen? Pretty bold move in such an old building!

And to go with this house, well, clearly, I wouldn’t mind sipping on one of these blood orange margaritas by White on Rice Couple.

I love citrus (yesterday I made more of the awesome lemon curd that I used for Madeline’s birthday cake!), and I could have one two of these any day! Get the recipe here at White on Rice Couple.

PS: Oh, and head on over to Sugar and Cloth today, I am doing a fun little interview with Ashley – where I may or may not reveal that I found a thief in the house! 😉

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3 Responses to “{live here, drink that} In Spain”
  1. that drink looks delicious!

  2. Nataya says:

    beautiful colors. i like mix pieces from various era too

  3. Soaz says:

    love the kitchen floor in that house!
    and thanks for the Margaritas receipe!